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What Wiz Zumalt could do with computers was magic on Earth. Then, one day the master computer hacker is called to a different world to help fight an evil known as the Black League. Suddenly, the Wiz finds himself in a place governed by magic--and in league with a red-headed witch who despises him.

Scales of Gold (The House of Niccolo, Book 4)

The Night of the Swarm The Night of the Swarm (The Chathrand Voyage, Book 4)

Biggles In Spain

The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book 3)




















nearby. Wild dragons make ill neighbors. It may be the one from the southern lake or it might be one of the ones who lair in the hills to the east. If it is coursing this far afield there may be others." "Wonderful," Wiz muttered. Moira sighed shakily. "I dislike playing hideabout with dragons, but we should be safe enough if we stay under the trees and are careful about crossing open spaces." "Sounds good to me." "There is risk, of course," Moira continued, half to herself. "The forested

like to hear the story as it happened?" "We do not wish to pain you, Lady." Moira said. Shiara chuckled, a harsh, brittle sound. "My child, the pain is in the loss. There is little enough ain in the telling." She seated herself in her chair by the fireplace. "Sometimes it even helps to repeat it." Moira sat down on the bench. "Then yes, Lady, we would like to hear the story, if you do not mind." "I've never heard it, Lady," Wiz said, sitting down as close to Moira as he could without being

He puffed as he came and stopped to rest frequently both because he was unused to exertion and because he did not want to tread too closely on the heels of the two Northerners ahead of him. A pretty train this, he thought, like ants following a scent trail. Even further above, he knew, was the party sent by the League to obtain the treasures of the mountain. A group of black robes and apprentices, carefully balanced to represent each faction of the League council. After them the two from the

to his spies the Sea of Scrying had failed to pick up any trace of the man. That scrying demon Toth-Set-Ra was so proud of must have failed or he would not have been given this mission—or the power to command so much of what his master controlled. Whoever he was, this man from without the World must have a very powerful masking spell to so effectively cloak his magic. Well, magic wasn't the only way to find someone. That was the old crow's mistake, Atros thought. If he couldn't do it by magic he

Finally they came to a place where a fresh fall of dirt and rocks blocked most of the passage. The ball did not hesitate. It floated to the top of the tunnel and vanished in the crevice between the debris and the ceiling. That left Wiz and his companions in darkness except for the faint glow coming through the crack. "It doesn't look very big," Donal said, eyeing the crack doubtfully. "The spell does know enough not to go where a man may not follow?" Kenneth asked. "Well, ah . . ." Wiz

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