Winning Well: A Manager's Guide to Getting Results---Without Losing Your Soul

Winning Well: A Manager's Guide to Getting Results---Without Losing Your Soul

Karin Hurt

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0814437257

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It can feel like a rigged game. Executives set aggressive goals, so managers drive their teams to burnout trying to deliver. Or, employees seek connection and support, so managers focus on relationships . . . and fail to make the numbers. The fallout is stress, frustration, and disengagement, and not just among team members--two-thirds of managers report being disengaged. To succeed, managers cannot choose between results and relationships. They need "both": They must get people to achieve while creating an environment that makes them truly want to. "Winning Well "offers managers a quick, practical action plan--complete with examples, stories, and online assessments. They will learn how to: Stamp out the corrosive win-at-all-costs mentality - Focus on the game, not just the score - Reinforce behaviors that produce results - Sustain energy and momentum - Correct poor performance without drama - Build productive relationships - Be the leader people want to work for Today's hypercompetitive economy has created tense, overextended workplaces. Keep it productive, rewarding, and even fun with this one-stop success kit.

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“Oh my gosh, I love my job, I just can’t wait to help customers. You see this guy here? He thinks everything is fixed, but I dug a bit deeper, and I know we can help him more. It takes a few extra clicks to get what I need, but it’s worth it.” “Well, each morning before I get to work, I go onto our—and our competitor’s—Facebook page to see if anything hot might have surfaced since my last shift. Stuff changes fast, and it’s important to come into work fully prepared.” “The best part of our work

still something missing. Linda and other team members couldn’t always take the next step until another person had finished her piece. Pablo had finished his piece but never let anyone else know. He had moved onto other work, diligently crossing items off his to-do list while the overall project sat idle. In big projects you may have a project manager or a project management tool to ensure that this type of next-step communication happens, but what about in your more ordinary, day-to-day meetings?

their soul. This exacts a high price from managers as they work longer hours to try to keep up. Those unwilling to make this trade-off either leave for a less-competitive environment or try to stave off the performance demands by “being nice” to their team. After years of trying to win while sandwiched between the employees who do the heavy lifting and leaders above them piling on more, they give up and try to get along. Inevitably, after prolonged stress and declining performance, they surrender

Dangerous Drug Recently, David was at a family party, a baby shower, and broke one of his own rules. When someone said something poking mild humor at herself, he piled on with a comeback at her expense. Everyone laughed or took mock offense, as he had hoped, but afterward he wished he hadn’t said it. In this case, he’d tried to be funny at the expense of his own mother. At some point, most of us use irony, sarcasm, or jokes at others’ expense. For many, it’s a part of their family or

Win Well in Every Situation 19 FIGURE 2.1. THE FOUR MANAGER TYPES. USER MANAGER WINNING WELL MANAGER Values: Values: Confidence > Humility Results > Relationships Focus: Short-term results Behaviors: More energy for less results Longer hours Abusive Outcomes: Stress Unsustainable turnover Bitter Frustrated Feels like a victim Confidence and humility Results and relationships Focus: Focus on both long and short time horizons Behaviors: High expectations Healthy professional

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