Winners: And How They Succeed

Winners: And How They Succeed

Alastair Campbell

Language: English

Pages: 350

ISBN: 1681772353

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Alastair Campbell knows all about winning. As Tony Blair’s chief spokesman and strategist he helped guide his party to victory in three successive elections, and he’s fascinated by what it takes to succeed

How do sportsmen excel, entrepreneurs thrive, or individuals achieve the ambitions? Is their ability to win innate? Or is the winning mindset something we can all develop?

In the tradition of The Talent Code and The Power of Habit, Campbell draws on the wisdom of an astonishing array of talented people―from elite athletes to media mavens, from rulers of countries to rulers of global business empires.

Alastair Campbell has conducted in-depth interviews and uses his own experience in politics and sport to get to the heart of success. He examines how winners tick. He considers how they build great teams. He analyzes how these people deal with unexpected setbacks and new challenges. He judges what the very different worlds of politics, business, and sport can learn from one another. And he sets out a blueprint for winning that we can all follow to achieve our goals.


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but she and the institution more generally constitute a good case study for many of the issues I have been examining in this book: boldness, innovation, adaptability, resilience, long-termism, crisis management, turning setbacks into opportunities. They are fascinating, too, in relation to strategy. The word itself is effectively banned by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who once complained to an official that ‘the only two people who talked more about strategy and planning than you were

remove them from the team. After some of the exercises with the marines had been completed, the brigadier overseeing the England team’s visit, unprompted, gave Woodward a list of players who ‘would never make the marines’ because of their general attitude. It matched Woodward’s own list of doubtfuls and energy sappers, and they were moved out and replaced. Dave Brailsford nicely sums up the kind of people he wants on the team and the culture they need to feed. ‘I want a culture that is hungry

women driving so much of modern fashion, and with such influence on young people, are both of pensionable age. Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel and Wintour’s choice of number one in fashion, is even older. ‘You talk about longevity,’ says Wintour. ‘Here is a man in his eighties, running a multi-billion-dollar company, constantly innovating. It was struggling when he took it over and he has reinvented it over and over again. He is brilliantly creative, interested in everything,

sport, but something similar happens in politics, where you can read the mood of one side or the other simply by looking at them, sitting there all together.’ Having so often entered a sporting arena for high-level competition helped prepare him for leadership, he believes. ‘I think I have a much stronger understanding of the dynamics of a team because of my experience in sport.’ Describing his first entry into the sessions hall of the Albanian parliament, he says: ‘For me it was like entering

Warburton was told he was Lions captain, seen as one of the greatest accolades in the game, McCann was among the first people he called. ‘It was a big step up, so I knew I would need his help. He took it to the next level. We already had the personal identity statement but now we worked on what he called a leadership compass, where you take on a quality for north, south, east and west, and you have them in mind, and draw strength from them. So mine were professional attitude, positive attitude,

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