William Again (Just William, Book 3)

William Again (Just William, Book 3)

Richmal Crompton

Language: English

Pages: 123

ISBN: 1447285603

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The irrepressible William returns with fourteen fantastic adventures. Totally bankrupt, William and Ginger can't even buy sweets. But then William has a brilliant idea - they could sell Ginger's twin cousins as slaves! Before too long, William is in serious trouble - again . . . Introduced by the wonderfully funny Louise Rennison

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house for his term of authorship. Every now and then he raised a hand to his frowning brow in thought, leaving upon it yet another imprint of his ink-sodden fingers. ‘Where is he?’ said his father in a hushed wonder at the unwonted peace. ‘He’s in the summer house writing a play,’ said his wife. ‘I hope it’s a nice long one,’ said her husband. William had assembled his cast and assigned them their parts. Little Molly Carter was to be the heroine, Ginger the hero, Henry the hero’s friend,

go to bed before Father comes back,’ said Robert with a superior elder-brother air. William inwardly agreed. There was something to be said for being in bed and asleep when his father came home. Explanations, put off to the following day, are apt to lose the keenness of their edge. He turned to the door. ‘Nothing I do ever seems to come out right,’ he said gloomily. ‘How was I to know – diggin’ away like that?’ ‘I daresay you didn’t mean anything, dear,’ said Mrs Brown, ‘but it was only new

years ago. Horses and elephants and—’ ‘Lions an’ tigers an’ camels an’ – an’ – an’ clowns,’ supplied William. ‘Yes, clowns,’ said the old man eagerly. ‘I remember the clown. Oh, he was a funny fellow! Are you going alone?’ ‘Yes,’ said William, crossing to the window. ‘Do they know you’re going?’ ‘No.’ The little old man began to tremble with excitement. ‘William – I want to see a circus again. Let me come too.’ William was nonplussed. ‘You can’t climb down this tree,’ he said judicially.

‘They’re cheap today.’ Ginger was taken aback. ‘But – but you don’t know they want ’em.’ ‘Want ’em! Of course they want ’em,’ said William scornfully. ‘Anyone’d want ’em. Two slaves – cheap at that! I bet they’d have fetched pounds and pounds in historical times. ’S only ’cause they’re a bit out of fashion that they’ve bin sold at sixpence halfpenny.’ At this moment a milk-boy appeared, staggering up the drive, and William hastily put the coin into his pocket. ‘ ’Ello, kids!’ said the

second also the door banged to behind him and a key was turned in the lock. ‘Here!’ cried Mr Porter angrily. ‘Where the—?’ There was no answer. Mr Porter banged ferociously at the door. ‘Open the door, you young villain!’ he shouted. There was no answer. Mr Porter kicked the door, and shook the door, and rattled the door, and cursed the door. The door remained immovable, and only the silence answered him. Having recourse once more to his electric torch, he discovered a small window high up

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