WebUser [UK], Issue 389 (27 January - 9 February 2016)

WebUser [UK], Issue 389 (27 January - 9 February 2016)

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 2:00321056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Webuser is a top UK's internet magazine featuring news, software and website reviews, funny websites, broadband price guide, technical help and forums.

Network Warrior

HTML5: The Missing Manual (2nd Edition)

Wireframing Essentials

Essential System Administration: Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Administration (3rd Edition)

Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory (2nd Edition)

Nmap Essentials











■ 1 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3 Type-C, 3 x USB 4, 4 x USB 2 ■ Gigabit Ethernet ■ 465 x 430 x 192mm ■ Three-year collect-and-return warranty inc 2-years parts SMARTWATCH MULTI-DEVICE CHARGER LG Watch Urbane Griffin PowerDock 5 £224 from www.amazon.co.uk Date tested: November 2015 £79.95 from www.johnlewis.com Date tested: September 2015 The LG Watch Urbane looks good, is simple to operate and has a great screen (if you stay out of direct sunlight). It doesn’t have the full range of fitness tools,

of the other devices we tested. It has an impressive range of tools, including an HDMI output for streaming to TV. KEY SPECS EXT4 file system ■ SATA3 hard drive ■ 2 x 3.5in bays ■ 1 x 10/100/1,000 Ethernet ■ 2 x USB 2 ports, 2 x USB 3 ports ■ 1 x HDMI (1.4a) ■ 1 x 3.5mm mini-jack ■ 230 x 164 x 108mm ■ 1.87kg ■ Two-year return-to-base warranty 104 keys ■ 1 x USB port ■ 1.8m detachable cable ■ 2 non-slip surfaces ■ 2 rubber caps for adjustable feet ■ 44.6 x 15.8 x 2.8cm ■ 0.83kg ■ Win-Key lock

and pop-out trays, Adobe Photoshop Elements provides everything an amateur photographer needs and helps you quickly find the right editing tools. KEY FEATURES Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8+ (32- and 64-bit) ■ Bundled photo organiser ■ Content-aware edits ■ Guided edits ■ People-beautifier tools ■ RAW support VIDEO EDITING ONLINE STORAGE Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Google Drive £81.08 from www.adobe.com/uk Date tested: December 2014 From free from drive.google.com Date tested:

much easier to claim insurance. To register your phone or tablet for free, create a secure Immobilise account and enter your device’s IMEI number. To register a laptop, PC, camera or other gadget, enter its serial number along with details such as its make, model and specifications, and upload photos of it. If your item has already been lost or stolen, you can still register it on Immobilise. Tell the service it’s lost, provide as many details as possible and the site will make the information

interference. If your computer and router are in different rooms, you will have to trail a long Ethernet cable around your house to link the two. However, you can avoid this by extending your wired network using HomePlug powerline adapters. Setting up a HomePlug network is very straightforward: you just plug an adapter into the mains socket next to the router, then use a cable to connect the Ethernet HomePlugs are very easy to set up - just plug them into the wall and connect them via Ethernet to

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