Under Siege (Captain Rawson)

Under Siege (Captain Rawson)

Edward Marston

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0749008172

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the wake of victory at Oudenarde, career soldier Captain Daniel Rawson must take a leading role in the Allies’ new strategy - to invade further into French territories and lay siege to Lille, the ‘pearl of its fortresses’.

He fights alongside the Duke of Marlborough, whose position and safety abroad are threatened by politicians in England plotting his downfall – and by his outspoken and treasonous wife, Sarah.

Meanwhile, Captain Rawson must contend with a new rival for his beloved, the beautiful Amalia Janssen, rescue his comrade-in-arms, Henry Welbeck, and avoid capture by ruthless French soldiers.

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white breeches and gaiters, and a red coat embellished with the linings and facings of the 24th Regiment of Foot. On his back were a knapsack, cooking pot and cloak. He stood to attention in front of the men, looking immaculate beside him. ‘Believe it or not,’ said Welbeck, ‘Private Hain was just like you when he first came to me. He was caught stealing horses and decided that army life was preferable to being hanged from the nearest tree. He had even more to say for himself than Ben Plummer

to make it. Legs around the rope, he used both hands to move slowly backwards across the chasm. Because of the strain put on it, the tension of the rope eased slightly. Feeling it give at one point, Daniel had to stop and simply cling on for a moment. When he continued his snail’s pace climb, he reflected on what he was doing. Was it a case of bravery or lunacy? Why was he risking his life to get to something that might not even be there? What would Amalia think if he plunged to his death on a

humiliation of being hanged in public? Her only hope of mercy, as she perceived it, was to tell the truth: to describe how she’d been persuaded to act as the accomplice of a British army officer and to reveal the assistance they’d been given at the Coq d’Or. Such a course of action would, unfortunately, result in the instant arrest of Bette Lizier, her son and her sister. What Rachel would receive in return for her confession, she could only guess. In admitting to being an enemy agent, she’d be

the lid off the coffin was the work of seconds. Rachel was lifted out of her tomb. ‘Where are we?’ she gasped, blinking in the daylight. ‘Next to the churchyard,’ said Welbeck, gesturing towards the headstones. ‘This is where we’re going to bury you.’ ‘I wouldn’t get back in that coffin if you paid me.’ ‘Put the lid back on, Henry,’ said Daniel as he took out the weapons. ‘It can’t be seen like that. You sit with me, Rachel. After all that time in there, I daresay you want some fresh air.’

sorry I had to do that,’ he said when the danger had passed. ‘Are you hurt?’ ‘Who minds a few bruises when a man saves your life?’ she said with a grin. ‘Thank you, Henry. I knew that you cared.’ He released her immediately. Daniel had also flattened himself on the ground. Getting up again, he led them on, heading for a copse in the middle distance. It looked impossibly far away to Rachel but she struggled gamely on. Welbeck made a point of keeping ahead of her so that he wouldn’t be called

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