Tripped Up Love

Tripped Up Love

Julie Farley

Language: English

Pages: 234

ISBN: 0989222705

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Heather Meadows lost the only love she's ever known. Her perfect, yet ordinary life was turned upside down the day her thirty-eight-year-old husband died. Her happily ever after was gone in the blink of an eye. Heather's life becomes the subject of scrutiny and pity as she tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered world and raise her three children on her own. In the midst of suburbia and gossipy neighbors, Heather tries to re-build a normal life. Little does she know she's about to trip into a new adventure. An adventure she could never have imagined. Where will her misstep take her and how will Heather handle the prying eyes of those around her?

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onto her hand with his right hand and massaged it gently. With his left hand, he drew little circles on Heather’s inner thigh in just the right spot that would make the flight attendant take a second look. He started to tell her about his childhood and growing up in Portland, Maine. He told her all about learning to sail and loving the waves. Peter told her how he used to sit on the porch and count the waves, the seventh always being the biggest. He told her about applying to Notre Dame because

holding her hand, rubbing her palm with his thumb. “And now I am sure you are so sorry you pulled over. If you had left thirty seconds earlier this morning your day would have been so much different.” He was drawn to her. Drawn to her in a way he could never have imagined. He wanted to cuddle in next to her on the chair and run his fingers through her hair to make all her troubles go away. “Stop. I am here. I want to be right here helping you. I wasn’t doing anything important today.” Hell,

is and get back to you.” “Lauren, I love you. This has been the hardest 18 months of both of our lives.” “I know, sweetie. I love you too.” Heather was relieved to have that phone call over with. It went as well as she could have expected. She was all talked out by the time Peter called. “Hello, lovely. How are you this morning?” “Fine. Catching up with everyone.” “I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed every moment of this weekend.” “I did too. Thank you.” “So, I spoke with Donna and

I will do anything I can to help you. Four kids…that’s a lot. I want to be part of the excitement.” Heather started crying. Donna and Phil were some of the sweetest people she knew and had suffered an unimaginable loss themselves. The way they were constantly able to rise above it was amazing. Heather thanked them and hung up. The next step was telling the kids. She wanted them to hear it from her and not from a friend or an electronic source. They decided they should pick them up from school

How embarrassing! What will all my friends say when they see you pregnant?” “I thought you had to be married to have a baby,” said Henry. “No, you dummy, you don’t HAVE to be married but you SHOULD be!” said Hayes. Heather took a deep breath. She didn’t want this to turn into a conversation about the birds and the bees. Peter chimed in. “We’re going to get married sometime. I love your mom, and I love you guys. I hope sometime soon we’ll all be a family. I also hope we won’t worry so much

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