Torn (The Missing)

Torn (The Missing)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1416989811

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to discover the Northwest Passage in this new installment of the New York Times bestselling series that brings history to life.

Teenager John Hudson vanished from history in 1611: While searching for the Northwest Passage, mutineers cast him and his explorer father adrift in the icy waters of James Bay. When Jonah and Katherine meet John in the past, moments before the mutiny is to occur, they think it will be easy to rescue him from history. But the unexpected appearance of a man who claims to know a secret route to the Northwest Passage complicates matters. He seems serious about leading the ship further west, but Jonah and Katherine grow more and more suspicious—and more and more frustrated that they can’t quite remember the actual history or Canadian geography. And when their former enemies, Gary and Hodge, show up, apparently having escaped from time prison, Jonah and Katherine understand that a lot more is at stake than just one boy’s life….

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things we need. Two out of three—that’s, like, sixty-six percent. That’s a passing grade in school.” But was time like school? And, now that he thought about it, did he really want to keep looking like John Hudson? So far all that had done for him was that he’d gotten hit over the head and dragged behind some barrels. “We’re stranded!” Katherine said. “We’re going to be stuck in 1611 forever!” “No, we’re not,” Jonah said. “We stay here long enough, eventually it will be 1612.” He grinned,

ship, everyone who could have heard what Jonah said, even if they’d heard none of the whispers and murmurings. The sailor with the rope resorted to lopping off the end with an axe. The sound of the axe hitting made Jonah jump. “Of course I can’t let you out early,” Hudson said coldly. “I run a tight ship. You will stay in the stocks until sundown tomorrow—not a minute more, not a minute less.” And there’s another thing that’s different than it seems, Jonah thought. Henry Hudson doesn’t treat

in 1600?” “I don’t think time shifted,” Katherine whispered back. “I think it split. See how neither version is fading away?” This was true. Even as two versions of the shallop and its passengers sailed apart—one toward the Discovery, the other toward land—they both stayed substantial and real. Behind him Jonah heard the sailors in the other shallop calling out, “Huzzah! Huzzah! Hooray!” as they sped toward the Discovery. He heard that shallop’s Henry Hudson make his confident boast, “I

hut back to the time hollow.” He paused. Was he forgetting something? He just wanted to sleep—to shut his eyes against the smoke that stung them, close his mouth and nose to the burning air, drop into some oblivion where the flames climbing the walls wouldn’t matter. But Katherine always got so mad at him for forgetting things, for failing to think ahead. Was there something else he needed to do before he slept? “Oh … yeah,” he said painfully, each word causing a new ache. “Send … me … too.”

“blood” relationship. Jonah just gaped at them. “Did you say … five years?” Katherine asked faintly. “You … and Brendan … and Antonio … and Andrea … were really in 1600 for five years?” “Well, 1600 for a half year, and then 1601 for a year, and so on, until now it’s 1605,” JB said. “Er, that’s what it was when you rescued us.” Jonah was having a hard time absorbing this. “Then Brendan and Antonio and Andrea are all eighteen now,” Jonah said, looking at the others. “And Jonah and I are

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