This Ain't No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook (Vegan Cookbooks)

This Ain't No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook (Vegan Cookbooks)

Joshua Ploeg

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0977055752

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This Ain't No Picnic is the first cookbook featuring creative and delicious recipes that match the quality and presentation of a gourmet restaurant with the self-parody and humor of punk rock culture and history. A comedic art book full of social commentary, it explores and improves the favorite foods of historic punk rockers. Through exclusive interviews, Picnic treats you to the delectibles they could—and perhaps should—have been eating. How to make s'mores with a zippo, cook without a stove or oven, and 80 new recipes of Joshua Ploeg's magical food and flavor combinations like you've never dreamed of.

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played off like some great reaction to punk fashion, gettin’ all down to business and “real,” and yet this attitude really is just terribly boring. N E H C T THE KI Joshua Ploeg • 65 O L G DAY Why not just play naked (I might go check that out, depending on which dudes)? Anyway, it was a sad day when we all started to look alike. There was a time when each punk weirdo looked freakier than the next. Let’s bring it back, sexy! What will I wear to the revolution? It’s the question that should be

Bagels to purchase a fresh-this-morning everything bagel with lox, or (perhaps) non-dairy cream cheese? NO! The crusty knows that this is a ruse, a clever way to keep the rest of us in line, complacent. Paying for our food, when the same bounty can be found out back in the dumpster for nothing. Fresh? Not exactly. Consider them slightly preserved. That grey looking, halfeaten tub of (shall we say?) ripe lox? One could choose to look at it as the index question that sorts the weak-stomached

have a dehydrator, this would be a 6 hour/overnight job in trays. A little before they are done, score them so that they are easier to break apart. Take the zucchini/cucumber and sprinkle with salt, cider or malt vinegar and oil and bake this as well while the crackers are baking but for about 20 minutes less time. Marinate red onion in balsamic vinegar with a pinch of salt while this is going on. For the rest, purée tomatoes, roasted bell pepper, broth, chili, spices, and oil. Cook over medium

brown, a bit hard, wrinkled and taste sort of nutty Substitute: figs, prunes, tamarind, or other dried fruits you like better! Durian- When ripe this spiky-ass fruit has a soft, creamy texture, luxurious taste, and smells like ass. An acquired taste to some, but mostly due to the smell. In the US you are most likely to find it in the freezer at an Asian grocery store. Although they are popping up everywhere nowadays. Replace with chermoya (ah, this is a harder fruit like a mealy apple with

marinade on it, it will dry more expeditiously but why not make your long-ass drive more entertaining. Direct sunlight on a dashboard easily reaches 120 or more in the summer time. This is great for those of you without air conditioning. Passenger side eastbound is ideal, where the sun will be on it for that amount of time. Hello Texas! If you want to be more complicated, soak the strips in marinade awhile before placing on the dashboard foil. This increases the drying time however. 36 • This

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