The Young Black Stallion: A Wild and Untamable Spirit!

The Young Black Stallion: A Wild and Untamable Spirit!

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0679813489

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this prequel to The Black Stallion, we learn the story of the Black before he was shipwrecked with Alec Ramsay. Born in the mountain stronghold of Sheikh Abu Ishak, the colt shows great promise. During a band of robbers’ attempt to steal him, the colt escapes and learns to survive on his own in the high mountains. Will he ever find his way home?

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his hand. He turned to Mansoor and said, “You speak the language of the Sands and know the customs of our people. But tell me, stranger, what manner of clothing is that you have on? Why do you not wear the clothes of the desert?” Mansoor bowed his head in respect and then replied, “Do not be offended by my dress, Ancient One. It is the custom in England, where I was educated. Rest assured that beneath it all I am a full-blooded Arab. As a child I lived with my family among the Manasir on the

finally, he heard the faint crackling, rustling of undergrowth beneath padded feet to his far right. He moved on again, as stealthily as the animal he stalked. His tracking took him back to the grassy slope leading to the cavern. He ignored the cavern but studied the tall growth to either side of it. The slight movement he perceived might have been caused by the night breeze or an animal slinking through the weeds. He didn’t know which it was, but he cautioned himself to proceed slowly and not

to attack? The colt tossed his head. Despite his ravaged condition, it was a proud and defiant gesture. He lashed his tail at the flies that were buzzing around his cuts. Slowly and quietly Rashid moved in closer to the colt, holding up the palms of his hands to show he had nothing in them and meant no harm. The colt neither pulled away nor made any effort to come closer. Shêtân was alert now, anticipating the scout’s next move and preparing himself for it. There did not seem to be hostility or

open plain they bounded, careening between boulders and jumping over rocks. In Rashid’s ears the booming of his heart mixed with the drumming of Shêtân’s hooves. Tears came to his eyes as the wind cut into them like a knife. Shêtân’s black mane enveloped him and stung his face. Only the surge of the stallion’s muscles beneath him reminded him that he was still tied to the earth. But for that Rashid felt he could break free of the world and lift off into the sky. The band of riders followed in

America’s greatest thoroughbred, and two movies. His books have been enormously popular in the United States and have been published in twenty-one foreign countries. Mr. Farley and his wife, Rosemary, had four children, whom they raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and at a beach house in Florida. Horses, dogs and cats were always a part of the household. In 1989, Mr. Farley was honored by his hometown library in Venice, Florida, which established the Walter Farley Literary Landmark in its

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