The Wizardry Quested

The Wizardry Quested

Rick Cook

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0671877089

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Preparing to protect a twenty-foot dragon from the wrath of his own wife, Wiz joins forces with his eccentric companions in an adventure filled with Soviet ex-spies, a band of dwarves, zombie dragon riders, and a fluffy pink mechanical rabbit.

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skills learned long and well at very fundamental levels. For the animating intelligence that was sufficient. There was snow drifted against the windows, but the room in the Wizards' Keep was warm and cozy. A wood fire crackled and danced in the stone fireplace, perfuming the air with cedar. With its carved furniture of dark oak, stone walls, and diamond-paned windows, the place looked positively medieval. With its overflowing litter of scrolls, wooden tablets, and a large crystal ball on a

the image blinked out. "On our very doorstep," Arianne said over Bal-Simba's shoulder. The big wizard turned to face his assistant. "Our enemy grows ever bolder ever more quickly. A bad sign, I think." "Perhaps he will overreach himself." Bal-Simba looked over at the dark window. "Perhaps. And if he does we must be ready." Halfway down this stretch of tunnel there was a branch that ended after barely a dozen paces. Wiz sent the light globe floating in and examined it carefully before he

several hours to reach the Towne Centre " hotel in the older "Glitter Gulch" downtown casino district. By now it was full dark and so late Jerry was afraid they might miss the reception completely. An even bigger worry was Moira, who was obviously getting more and more run down. Even with more frequent rests she was nearly punchy by the time they reached the alley behind the hotel. "Why don't you wait out here?" Jerry suggested. Moira just nodded. "Perhaps I had best stay too while you go

in a heap against Moira. Charlie was unfazed "I'm going to taxi right up against the thing," he yelled over the engine noise. "As soon as we get there everyone get the hell out." With that he stood on the rudder pedal and gunned the engine to send them bouncing over the desert at a speed that threatened to ground-loop them at any instant. Off in the distance Gilligan could see columns of dust rising where vehicles left the pavement and raced toward them. He looked sideways at Charlie, but the

tallest point on the reef, swinging around the crag in jerky precision. For a minute Karin thought the zombies had not seen them. Then one by one the zombie dragons peeled off and swooped back toward the island. "Shit," Karin breathed and pressed further back against the rear of the overhang. Gilligan watched the second wave of dummy dragons soar aloft from the Executioner and aim straight for the City of Night. Almost immediately he saw a few ragged dots rise from the city to meet the

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