The Wizardry Compiled

The Wizardry Compiled

Rick Cook

Language: English

Pages: 307

ISBN: 0671698567

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


To The Edge of the Universe

Mirror Dance (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 8)

Celtic Fire September (Rogue Angel, Book 50)

Black Water (Pendragon, Book 5)

Luna the Moon Wolf (Beast Quest, Book 22)













tight and looked up. "Then, My Lord, you put your back to something and go down fighting." "I don't think that really applies here," Wiz said. Donal fixed him with his icy blue eyes. "Lord, I hope you are never in a situation where it does apply." * * * "Subtle," Bal-Simba said at last. "Subtle indeed. But so subtle it is not sure." Arianne smiled nervously. "If you mean to make me doubt my suspicions, Lord, you may spare yourself the effort. I do not know if I believe this or not." "Oh, it

sufficiently interesting to hold the attention of one of us. You have become interesting enough to fix the attention of quite a number of the never-dying." The elf duke looked at his guest speculatively. "You have made yourself much hated, you know." "Yeah," said Wiz miserably. "It wasn't supposed to work this way. Things kind of got out of hand." "Not unusual when mortals dabble in magic," Aelric said. "Lisella is a minor difficulty. You would do well to dismiss her from your mind—after

and listened at the door. The hall was empty and there was no sign or sound of the wizards who had come so close to him. It was full daylight now so he looked around one more time. The only thing he had missed was a cracked and broken mirror hanging askew on the wall. Most of the glass was missing, but the piece that remained reflected back the empty room. Only it's not empty! I'm here. He looked closely at the mirror. The mirror fragment showed the room, but there was no sign of Wiz. It was as

aftereffects of powerful spells. One section of the wall had melted and run like candle wax under the magical impact. Looks like they dueled among themselves, Dragon leader thought. That explains the magic the Watchers sensed. He looked down at the crumpled dark forms and shrugged mentally. Whatever it was, it doesn't involve us. He spoke into his communications crystal. "Echelon right and climb for altitude. We need to reach the island before dark." Now there were four Dire Beasts climbing

ladies congregated naturally became a gathering place for everyone in the keep. From the highest of the Mighty to the workers in the scullery, it had become the traditional place for an evening stroll. Wiz and Moira joined the promenade with Moira clinging tightly to his arm. They exchanged small talk with their acquaintances, received respectful bows Wiz's station entitled them to and spent a few minutes talking with Shamus, the Captain of the Guard and a friend of Moira's from her time at the

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