The Universe Wide Web 2. Uploading

The Universe Wide Web 2. Uploading

Simon J Morley

Language: English

Pages: 187

ISBN: 0957523467

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The second book in the Universe Wide Web series, an adventure series about a young boy, Jack, who stumbles upon the intergalactic internet, where creatures from all over the universe meet to talk, share, trade and play.

In this story Jack, now a seasoned web-surfer, is meeting new friends on the web. But one of his old friends from school manages to trick his way onto the web. He gets lost and Jack has to go in search of him. Jack encounters more excitement, adventure and danger, as he discovers not only is his school-friend in mortal danger, but the web is threatened by a powerful enemy - someone Jack knows. Can Jack save his school friend and save the web?

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would be an easy target for the black soldier. He decided that as he was airborne he would confront the black soldier, there seemed little choice. He flew under another, lower bridge, and hid, clinging to the underside, waiting for the black soldier to arrive. The black soldier had assumed that Jack had been injured in the fall from the bridge and that he had fallen directly. Jack's poor flying skills had helped him feign death more convincingly. Darting around to avoid the obstacles of the

the tip; we'll climb the rest of the way." Breeze-Surfer replied, and led them to a walk-way where they all landed. There was some firing aimed in their direction, but Jack and Breeze-Surfer dispatched the enemy easily enough. "So, last little run, the hardest bit." Breeze-Surfer said. "How shall we do this?" Jack was still itching to get a chance to undermine the annoying baboon’s ambitions. "I'll go that way, and try to meet up with our friend. You two go up this side, and we should meet

just talking about your father. I was reminding Jack that it's the anniversary of the accident next Sunday. We should go to Church and then to the crematorium." Stella looked at her mother for a moment then said, "Sure, of course," and she sat down at the kitchen table. She reached over to the fruit bowl in the middle of the table and took an apple and started to eat it. No body spoke for a moment. Then their mother said, "Cereals or toast?" Stella looked up, tears in her eyes too. "I can't

eye-catch video. Having done that, he turned to his inbox and started to scroll through new u-mails. The first was from Doctor Spin, just asking whether he had got the Google-earth link to work. She also wanted to know whether he was going over to see them today. He replied “Yes thanks and yes, later,” and sent the u-mail. Despite being a two metre wide, not to mention lethal, spider, Doctor Spin was Jack's friend and also a brilliant technical guru for the uniweb. She had endless ideas that she

he’d said enough to dissuade Nick. Then Nick leant towards him, and spoke quietly in his ear. “If we nip back home, we could get my dad's wire clippers, we'd be through those security wires in a minute.” Jack snapped. “Nick. The uniweb is not there for us to go around pinching things that don't belong to us.” He said this a little louder than he meant to, people looked round at them. “OK,” Nick said, looking tentatively round, slightly embarrassed at Jack's reaction. “I'm getting out of here,

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