The Sword Thief (The 39 Clues, Book 3)

The Sword Thief (The 39 Clues, Book 3)

Peter Lerangis

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0545060435

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 3 in the #1 bestselling The 39 Clues series may just be the most thrill-packed yet!

ATTENTION! Amy and Dan Cahill have been located once again, this time in the company of the notoriously unreliable Alistair Oh. Could they have been foolish enough to make an alliance?

Spies report that Amy and Dan seem to be tracking the life of one of the most powerful fighters the world has ever known. If this fearsome warrior was a Cahill, his secrets are sure to be well-guarded . . . and the price to uncover them just might be lethal.

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car. “And you were going to let Nellie drink it?” she said. “We meant to temporarily disable her,” Ian said. “Just a drop. But Natalie slipped during air turbulence. Before we could warn your nose-ringed nanny, she drenched us. Luckily, she allowed us to retrieve the antidote from our carry-on.” “That’s kindness,” Amy said. “I made them agree to give me all their cash,” Nellie explained. “That’s bribery,” Natalie grumbled. Nellie jerked the car to the right, and Dan felt like he was going to

her own wittiness. “But I’ll try, I suppose.” Dan was staring at an expensive but unfortunate painting of a couple quite familiar to Ian. The man’s hair was piled in mangled gray wisps, his eyebrows bushy and his eyes wild. The woman had a strong face, the way a horse was strong — long-jawed and big-eared. Above them floated all kinds of strange-looking symbols. “Who’s the lucky couple?” Dan asked. “Ah, yes, the ever-glamorous Gideon and Olivia, the original Cahills, painted in the early

Ian watched Amy as her face sank. He felt a flutter inside. Sympathy, he realized—an emotion he often felt for the Kabra banker on days when the stock market performed badly. This feeling, however, was somehow a bit more … vivid. He gave his sister a kick. “Natalie, have you lost your sense of … grace?” She glared at him for a moment, until the joke clicked in. “‘The Cahill family traces back to early 1500s Dublin, with the brilliant, eccentric Gideon Cahill and his wife, Olivia,’” Amy read

would be alarms. Screaming Italian cops. She, Dan, and Nellie would have to run. Not that they weren’t used to that. They’d been running a lot lately. It began the day they accepted the challenge in their grandmother Grace’s will. They’d had to go to her mansion in Massachusetts for that — and immediately afterward the mansion went up in flames. Since then, they’d nearly been killed in a collapsing building in Philadelphia, attacked by monks in Austria, and chased by boats through the canals of

In the key of C? That’s all we know.” Alistair shrugged, sitting at a laptop. “Not much to go on, but that hasn’t stopped us before. Let’s each work awhile and then compare notes, shall we?” Amy and Dan made sure to sit opposite him, so their monitors were not visible to Alistair. Amy typed into a search bar: japan tungsten sword 87,722 hits. “This is going to be a long day,” murmured Amy. Dan typed: ninja warrior images 1,694,117 hits. He smiled. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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