The Spider Stone (Rogue Angel, Book 3)

The Spider Stone (Rogue Angel, Book 3)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 2:00306480

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the crumbling remains of a tunnel that was part of the Underground Railroad, a mysterious artifact reveals one of the darkest secrets of Africa's ancient past. Intrigued by the strange, encrypted stone, archaeologist Annja Creed opens a door to a world--and a legend--bound by a fierce and terrible force. She is not alone in her pursuit of the impossible. A bloodthirsty African warlord, and an international corporate magnate exploiting a land, a culture and a people, are equally anxious to stake their claim on the relic's unknown power. Annja's odyssey deep into the primeval jungles of Senegal becomes a desperate race to stop those eager to unleash the virulence of the Spider God.

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told you that." Tanisha smiled. "I know. But some days I don't feel so blessed." "How are your children?" The woman had two sons, healthy sons, which would make her a wealthy woman in most villages. They were six and eight, and boys in the truest sense because they were unafraid of exploring their new environment. When their mother wasn't around, which wasn't often, the boys talked of hunting lions with the other boys of the villages. Jaineba knew their mother would panic if she only knew.

and not have left traces of yourself everywhere? she wondered. How could you keep all those stories bottled up? None of that made sense to her. Garin – who also went under other names these days – was easier to understand. He was a self-motivated person, and all she could truly count on him to do was look after his own interests. Garin had tried to kill her shortly after he'd found out that she had the reassembled sword. He was convinced that he was going to start aging at any time now that the

might happen to the sword. If something happened to the sword – or to me – are you afraid you'll be held accountable again? It was a question that always hummed in the back of her mind whenever she talked to Roux. "According to what I saw on CNN a few minutes ago, getting killed was a near thing," Roux said. "That was yesterday." "So today is better? You're safe?" Annja looked around at the bored security guards. "Yeah. I'm safe." "Good. I don't want worrying about you throwing off my game."

had left, and yanked it open. Embers spilled out in an arc. Icepick went into the room with the Glock held before him. A lot of television shows had military and law-enforcement personnel holding their side arms in two-handed grips. Icepick had never done that. He'd learned his gun skills on video games, and the lessons had translated easily to real guns on the street. A small lobby equipped with a desk and a phone led into the large work area behind it. The lobby door opened and a heavy-set

their heads were a pinkish bald knob. McIntosh shaded his eyes and looked up. "What are those?" "Hooded vultures. You'll find them in the wild, as well as around towns." "I thought I saw some like them in Kidira." Annja nodded. "They feed near slaughterhouses more often than they feed out in the wilderness. They're the smallest of the African vultures, but the swiftest. Generally they're the first to find a carcass, but they're so much weaker that everything else drives them away." "They've

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