The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking

The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking

Landy Chase, Kevin Knebl

Language: English

Pages: 257

ISBN: 2:00317693

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cold-calling is history—your future is in social media!

The growth of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have revolutionized how business is done. Professionals of every type-including your prospective buyers-are migrating in droves to social media to find solutions. If you want their business, you have to be there, too.

Traditional sales methods like cold calling are no longer effective. Social media platforms are now your best tools. The Social Media Sales Revolution reveals the enormous opportunities now available for developing relationships and gaining new customers by leveraging the power of social media marketing. It provides a groundbreaking method for dominating markets by using the Internet to reverse the client acquisition process: instead of outbound marketing to generate leads, the entire process will “flip” to one of inbound attraction. You'll Learn how to:

Present yourself to the business community online
Build a significant online footprint
Approach “e-prospects”
Generate qualified leads through e-referrals
Close more sales in the new world of social networking

Providing you with an early edge on the competition The Social Media Sales Revolution offers the techniques you need today to dominate the marketplace tomorrow.

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interpersonal skills, and sales skills. LinkedIn may show you the doors, but those skills ‫ܕ‬ 42 ‫ܕ‬ LOCK IN SALES WITH Li n k e d In are still going to be required if you are to open those doors and walk through them. Becoming a social media guru isn’t going to turn you into a sales superstar. You’re still going to need great sales chops. So for every minute that you’re spending learning how to use social media as a sales tool, make sure you’re spending a corresponding minute sharpening

efforts are going to have to adapt to this fundamental and irreversible change. He also realizes that social media offer him a huge opportunity to communicate with his customers and prospects in ways that he has never done before. It is at this point that Thomas makes the decision to purchase this book. Your authors are here to help you—and we are exceptionally qualified to do so. You should know that we both enjoyed successful careers as salespeople. Independent of each other, we both developed

they should be learning interpersonal ‫ܕ‬ 65 ‫ܕ‬ T H E S O C I A L M E D I A S A L E S R E VO L U T I O N and face-to-face networking nuances. Having a bajillion followers on Twitter isn’t going to serve you well if the people following you aren’t even taking the time to read your tweets because nine out of ten of them are about you and not about things that are of interest to your followers. About 80 percent of your tweets should pertain to something that is of interest to your followers;

observe one another, and do a million other things that people do when they are enjoying one another’s company. In a way, Facebook is kind of like the world’s largest high school reunion: although everyone is there under the same banner, each participant has his own reasons for showing up. Some are there to meet friends, some are there to catch up, some are there out of sheer curiosity, and so on. We all have our individual motivations. Just a few years ago, when you finished high school or

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