The Red House

The Red House

Mark Haddon

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0307949257

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Washington Post Best Book of the Year

From Mark Haddon, the bestselling author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, comes a dazzlingly inventive novel about modern family life.

Richard, a wealthy doctor, invites his estranged sister and her family to join his family for a week at a vacation home in the English countryside. Against the backdrop of a strange family gathering, Haddon skillfully weaves together the stories of eight very different people forced into close quarters. The Red House is a symphony of long-held grudges, fading dreams and rising hopes, tightly guarded secrets and illicit desires, painting a portrait of contemporary family life that is at once bittersweet, comic, and deeply felt.

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The Beginning of After


















the skin. She was a coward. She would never amount to anything. That fuckwit little boy. She should walk off into the night and get hypothermia and end up in hospital. That would teach them a lesson. God. Friday night. Megan and Cally would be tanking up on vodka and Red Bull before hitting the ice rink. The dizzy spin of the room and Lady Gaga on repeat, Henry and his mates having races and getting chucked out, pineapple fritters at the Chinky afterwards. Christ, she was hungry. Paolo’s father

in. Michelle being a slag as per usual. Michelle playing the victim as per usual. She should have seen this coming a long way back. Who else did you send it to? Not that many people. Just tell me, OK? Jake, Donny, KC … Fucking great. They’d save it, wouldn’t they, so they could stab her in the back. All those idiotic little vendettas. If she was only there, in person, to grab the phones out of their stupid hands. I didn’t think I’d be so upset when she died. Angela took a final forkful of

forgiving. I was having a nightmare about the Smoke Men. OK, said Alex. We’re on two mountain bikes. Because this was something he often thought about when he was falling asleep himself. We’re riding through a forest. It’s summer and I’ve got a picnic in a rucksack. With bacon sandwiches, said Benjy, and a flask of tea and two KitKats. We’re going faster and faster and suddenly we come out of the trees and we look down and see the tyres aren’t touching the ground any more. Are they magic

stroke, something financial, something legal, and the decision would be taken out of their hands. She thought, You selfish bastard, but he was right. An icy pavement outside Sainsbury’s. Lucy at school said she should sue and Angela laughed and said, I should pay them. Hospital threw her mother completely. Who are all these people? Her mind held together only by the scaffolding of a familiar house and a routine she had followed for ten years. Two weeks later she was in Meadowfields. Beckett meets

to be on her own. I thought you said she was ill. This was a ridiculous game. She asked me to say she was ill. She’s feeling really upset about something. About what? I honestly don’t know. I’ll go up and see her after supper, said Angela. Angela … So, we’re going to leave her up there on her own? No. She’s my daughter. Melissa glanced over at Mum and Richard. They looked as if they were in different rooms. Richard had found out, hadn’t he? She just knew. Still that child’s shameless

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