The Mountain of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The Mountain of Adventure (Adventure Series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1447262794

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fifth exciting installment in Enid Blyton's Adventure series

Surely a peaceful holiday in the Welsh mountains will keep the children out of trouble. But the mystery of a rumbling mountain soon has them thirsty for more adventure. Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann, Jack, and Kiki the parrot are determined to explore the mountain and uncover its secret, but first they must escape from a pack of ravenous wolves and a mad genius who plans to rule the world.

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he saw a couple of buzzards that day and rode most of the time with his field-glasses in his hand, ready to clap them to his eyes at the first sight of specks in the sky. The others saw red squirrels, shy but tame, among the trees they passed. One shared the children’s lunch, darting up for titbits, but keeping a wary eye for Kiki and Snowy. “It wants to come with you, Philip,” said Lucy-Ann, amused when the red squirrel put a paw on Philip’s knee. Philip stroked the pretty little thing gently.

welcome sound filled the air. “Ee-ore! Ee-ore! Ee-ore!” “Goodness! It’s a donkey!” cried Jack, and scrambled down to see. “Have they come back? Is David with them?” They soon found what they were looking for. Dapple the donkey was in the bushes, nuzzling Snowy, evidently full of delight at seeing him again. But there was no sign at all of the other donkeys or of David. “Dapple! You darling!” said Lucy-Ann, running up to him in joy. “You’ve come back to us.” “Come back to Snowy, you mean!”

shooed off, and the children went to look at the great horses standing patiently in the field. There were three of them. They all came to Philip at once of course. He had put down the little kid, and now it followed so close to his heels that, every time he stopped, it ran into his legs. At the first possible chance it sprang into his arms again. It followed him into the farmhouse too. “Oh! You have found little Snowy!” said Mrs. Evans, looking round from her oven with a face redder than ever.

being starved. Jack took a look round the countryside below with his field-glasses, as they sat and ate, wondering if Bill would come that day. Time was getting on now. Surely Bill would arrive soon! The day passed very slowly. The paratroopers were taken off into the mountain by the Japanese and didn’t come back. The dogs were also taken out and Jack was sure he could see them ranging the countryside again. They sent food to Philip by Snowy each time they had a meal. It was a help to exchange

Wipe your feet and blow your pardon!” THE END

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