The Magic Shop (Ancient Magiks: The Alec Gavins Chronicles) (Volume 1)

The Magic Shop (Ancient Magiks: The Alec Gavins Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Ed Sutter

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1603136924

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Alec Gavins’ first summer job results in love, magic, and adventure. He comes into possession of an ancient golden amulet which grants his wishes, although never in the way he expects. Alec and friends Marina and her uncle Zack begin researching the pendant, discovering it’s linked with the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. They’ve no idea a malevolent group, also looking for the tomb, are determined to get hold of the amulet—at any price. Alec’s life becomes a roller-coaster ride when Alexander’s spirit attempts to control him—at a time when Alec’s going to need his wits about him just to survive…

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amulet. Don’t underrate their abilities.” “So how did the amulet get here?” asked Marina. She’s never been one to let a thing go. Zack continued, his finger running down the pages of the ancient book. “According to the sources I could come up with, it was made for Alexander by an Egyptian sorcerer named Nectanabus. Old Nectanabus had actually been Pharaoh at one time, and was reputedly a great magician. He was the last native-born ruler of Egypt and drove off many invading armies with his

Marina would find it. “Okay,” she said. “And I think this symbol here definitely means a temple.” He took the loupe back, and examined the amulet. After a moment he said, “Yes, I agree.” “Well, since this combination of symbols is repeated twice, and the symbols are connected by lines, could this be a crude map?” A map. The ancient volume Zack had consulted had said that the amulet was a key to the location of the tomb of Alexander. Was this what it had referred to? Map to Nowhere “A map?”

gonads.” “Yeah, but all night all I heard about was how Alec went off with Amber, and how could he do that, and what an asshole Alec was, and all men are the same. I guess she wasn’t in the right mood to make out, but, if she wasn’t, it was all your fault. I never had a girl knee me before.” “Next time, wear a cup instead of a Trojan,” I advised him. Jimmy and I laughed. “So, how did it go with Amber?” I considered bullshitting them and saying that Amber and I had great sex, but it wasn’t

lawns—not in jungles. Even the desert Botanical Gardens had sidewalks. The military surplus jungle boots I wore quickly became scuffed and covered with vegetation stains. So did my knees, and once, my face, when I walked into a branch Marina let go. Whap! I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or not. Nevertheless, I learned to be careful if I was walking behind her. At midday, we stopped for lunch. It seemed like we’d been walking forever. As we munched protein bars and drank water from our

I looked at what had apparently come out of the box. It was an amulet. Not some cheap pendant—it was intricately worked with symbols and figures I recognized as ancient Egyptian. Egypt wasn’t an area about which I had much knowledge, but I’d seen enough Mummy movies to know hieroglyphics when I saw them. The face of the piece had two animal-headed Egyptian gods flanking a man’s head. The man had what appeared to be ram’s horns growing from his skull, curling back toward the rear of his head.

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