The Last Prospecting Guide You'll Ever Need

The Last Prospecting Guide You'll Ever Need

Bob Burg

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 1937879127

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you out of leads?

An easy-to-learn, simple-to-apply, no-fail prospecting system for any network marketer who has ever asked themselves the question;

Who do I talk to next now that my original list of names has run out?

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Again, you’ll get either a yes or a no, and you can proceed from there. This takes care of response number one. Now . . . Response #2: “No, I hate what I do. I’m not making near the income I should be making. It’s very frustrating. I’d rather be doing something else.” To this you can respond, “You know, it’s interesting. Some people such as yourself are obviously very sharp and have a lot of income potential, but they’re simply affiliated with the wrong vehicle.” When they agree (which they

your ‘intangibles.’” According to Sanders, our intangibles are our knowledge, our network, and our compassion. Some superstar networkers seem to excel in one type of giving above and beyond any other, and become known for this. For example, always recommending great books, or constantly making introductions to people who can benefit one another. Mike Litman, author of Conversations With Millionaires, talks about how this creates what he calls, an “asset of value.” This is what you “bring to the

That’s okay, as long as you understand that. Then you are in a position to assure them that even though you are going to help them come up with 250 names right now, you and they will only begin contacting those people once they feel ready to do so. Okay, now let’s address that 250-person center of influence that everyone has. What’s not important is that you know 250 people. What is key is the fact that every new person you meet also knows 250 people. That’s right; every time you establish and

people love the opportunity to “tell their story” to someone. Inevitably, people are delighted that someone actually wants to know about them, instead of just talking about themselves. And they are doubly impressed by the fact that they just met you, and you’re asking about them. Be sure and actively listen, and be interested in what they are saying. Feel-good Question™ #2: “What do you enjoy most about what you do?” Again, you are giving them something very positive to associate with you and

this, my suggestion would be to make the benefit statement about the product rather than about the opportunity. You don’t want to broadcast BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, which can be a turnoff to some people. Choose which option works best for you. But - and this is a key point - before taking this to your printer, counsel with your upline mentor-ship regarding their advice on this issue. The note you write to your new prospect should be brief, simple, non-pushy, and written in blue ink. Research

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