The Fundamentals of Style: An illustrated guide to dressing well (Style for Men Book 1)

The Fundamentals of Style: An illustrated guide to dressing well (Style for Men Book 1)

James Gallichio

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: B007O3167C

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The #1 best-selling men's style book on Amazon!

Most men don't dress well.

Fashion and style are no longer subjects that are passed down from father to son, and any man who suddenly decides that he wants to look better is often intimidated and overwhelmed. Most men's fashion books are overly-preachy and judgemental; they try to dress men in a very conservative style that may not actually match their personality or tastes.

"Style for Men: A simple guide to dressing well" is designed for men who want to understand the fundamental rules of men's style; how to tell if clothing fits, how to discern between 'good' and 'bad' garments and how to create a style that matches your personality, your job and your lifestyle.

It's easy-to-follow format features simple and clear illustrations, specifically designed for the Kindle. It even details the best way for men to shop for clothes effectively - from choosing the right stores to selecting garments and dealing with sales assistants.

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Too-long jumpers will make you look small in comparison, as though you’re wearing someone else’s clothes – particularly so with the Aran style, which is big and bulky to begin with. Too-short jumpers will make you look gigantic in comparison, as though your clothes have shrunk in the wash – particularly with thin and closely-knitted merino or jersey style jumpers. Tips for buying jumpers A jumper’s shape will change depending on what’s worn underneath it. If you intend on wearing shirts with

the jumper, be sure you wear the shirt when shopping. Tips for alterations Knitwear can be altered, although it is expensive and takes a very competent tailor to do so. Because of this, it’s always best practice to buy jumpers that fit straight off the rack. Different ways to wear a jumper Jumpers can be worn in any number of ways. For instance, in the first picture below, the jumper works perfectly when paired with a simple pair of dark jeans – the drape in the jumper contrasts and

There’s no hidden fabric in a shirt – which means that no part of the shirt can be made bigger. The easiest alteration for a shirt is at the waist, which can be taken in relatively cheaply. Different Dress Shirt Styles Cuff Types Notch French (uses cufflinks) Turnback Collar types Button down, Spread Point, Penny Pattern Types Plaid/Tartan Gingham Candy Stripe Herringbone Houndstooth How to wear it A man has so many options when wearing a dress shirt.

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