The Experiment

The Experiment

John Darnton

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 0451200101

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In an isolated laboratory, a test subject discovers a human corpse with its heart removed...

In New York City, a journalist investigates a homicide victim with its face and fingerprints removed...

Drawn together by medicine and murder, these two men are about to make a discovery that will change everything they think about science, nature, and themselves...

They share the same face.

"Thrills and Haunts."-Patricia Cornwell

"One of the summer's scariest novels." -New York Daily News

"As compelling as Robert B. Parker's Spenser or Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta...complex and original...absorbing."-New York Times

"A Roaring...X-Files-Like Tale."-Talk

"Thrilling."-John Sandford


"Relentless." -Houston Chronicle

"Timely."-Publishers Weekly "Harrowing."-Rocky Mountain News

"Satisfying."-Entertainment Weekly

"You've Got To Read It."-Library Journal (Hot Picks)

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

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They talked alone in their bedroom in low voices. And after we picked up and went to Wisconsin, we didn’t lose all contact with the Lab. My uncle Henry used to come for visits, so I guess you could say it was an amiable parting. But it was definitely a parting.” “Tell me more about this uncle Henry.” “He’s my mother’s brother. He’s been around as long as I can remember. I’ve never liked him—in fact, something about him is downright repulsive. I don’t like the way my parents look up to him. I

and waited helplessly. Jude felt suspended. His mind was racing, but he wasn’t thinking thoughts. He wasn’t trying to think of something to do or planning an escape, because there wasn’t any hope of that. He wasn’t thinking about whether he was hurt or whether he was breathing. He was simply hunkered down, waiting in a half crouch, like an animal at the moment of supreme danger. Simply waiting vigilantly, poised to act, while the decision of life and death was being made elsewhere. Clouds of

his inspiring ideas. Jason Carmel, medical student, for his superb and indefatigable research in cloning, DNA, telomere work, autopsies and aging. Arthur Kopit for his friendship and editorial contributions and suggestions. Doctors Paul Skolnick, Daniel Lieberman and Stephen Ludwig for generously sharing their medical knowledge. Malcolm Gladwell and Lawrence Wright for articles in The New Yorker that provided essential material, and Gina Kolata, science reporter for The New York Times, for

the path, like a hunted animal. He retraced his steps and came again to the lights of the barracks and then to the meadow, stopping on the edge to spy for signs of movement. His eyes crisscrossed the waving field, studying all the dark spots in the grass until he was satisfied it was empty. Then he examined the night shadows in the border of the woods on the other side, peering with his head slightly cocked to improve his vision. It looked safe and he took a stride forward. Again, he felt a

Maybe he’d go there—if he’s really scared I don’t think so, he’d be afraid they’d look for him there. But you never know.” “Jude. Who are ‘they’?” “Later.” “Don’t be so mysterious. You’re acting strange, and you sound really upset.” “I’ll tell you everything, but not now. I’ve got to get going.” Tizzie said she’d go right over. Jude hailed a cab and told the driver to take him to Central Park. “Whereabouts?” That was just the problem—Jude hadn’t the slightest idea. And since the park ran

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