The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple

The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple

Tracy O'Connor

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0062274155

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With down-to-earth charm, humor, and best-girlfriend tough love, supermodel next door Molly Sims shares her hard-earned beauty, fashion, fitness, and health secrets in this fully illustrated four-color guide.

Molly Sims wasn’t born looking the way she does on television and in print. Like all of us, she’s had bad hair days, weight issues, skin problems, career setbacks, and fashion disasters. The secret to her seemingly perfect supermodel look and confidence? She works hard to look good . . . and she’s tried everything,

In this fun and practical guide, Molly interweaves stories from her life with her own tried-and-true tips, as well as advice from the best in the business of beauty, health, fitness, and fashion. The ultimate guinea pig when it comes to looking good and feeling good, she’s learned what works—and what doesn’t—and is prepared to share it all with women everywhere.

Not afraid to dish on herself, Molly breaks down her personal weight loss strategies, anti-aging secrets, style advice, and so much more. Filled with insider secrets, easy to follow hair and makeup tutorials, on-the-go workouts, healthy recipes, and look good/feel good advice, it truly is a Hollywood tell-all! The Everyday Supermodel is guaranteed to transform the everyday woman into the very best version of herself.

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that will improve the quality of your skin. If you can’t sacrifice time off, you can plan to do a series of lighter peels more often that don’t require downtime. After a peel, it’s good to maintain the result by using products that continue to stimulate cellular turnover. By doing that, you will continue to see improvement. —DR. HALEH BAKSHANDEH, dermatologist supermodel secret For a quick fix before a special event, I’ll always do under-eye moisturizing and firming strips. Even if the effect

{Gia Canali} {Gia Canali} MY FIVE-MINUTE fashionable FACE This is what I do day to day. This look takes about five minutes, once you have it down. And I’m experienced! {Gia Canali} step 1: Apply a tinted moisturizer and pinky or tangerine blush to the cheeks (or Joey’s Flawless Foundation Technique). step 2: Curl lashes and add a coat of mascara. step 3: Groom brows with a brow gel. (Try Brow Perfection Gel by Perfect—in clear or a shade lighter than your brows.) step 4: Finish with a

been to hell and back with it! {courtesy of Molly Sims} For decades my hair has been manipulated with color, styling, groping and poking. I have witnessed clumps of hair break off right in front of my eyes. Scary. In general, I’ve been blessed with good hair genes, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of BAD hair days. Who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with her hair? We stress out, our hair falls out. We get pregnant and suddenly we’re clearing out the shower drain for

companies: SoulCycle, WeCare, Beyond Yoga, and Getty Images. Thank you Courtney Flynn for your total commitment and make sh*t happen skills. Hugs to my hardworking on-set crew: Todd Parker, Shawn Corrigan, Anthony Francis, Angel Ramos, Clark Perry, Jason Murphy, and Lindsay Groman. Endless gratitude to my loyal and dedicated team who have been there for me through thick and thin (literally). I would be nowhere without you: to Faith Kates Kogan, Joel Wilkinfeld, Leigh Crystal, Maury DiMauro,

spoonful of almond butter will make its way onto your butt. Once I started cutting out all the little “extras” I really began to see a difference in my weight. I am convinced this alone is what has helped me get off this last, stubborn bit of baby bulge. Something that has changed my life is starting off every day with a green smoothie that includes kale, spinach, romaine, celery, banana, apple, and pear. It gives me an energy boost to start the day, while cleaning out my digestive system from

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