The Ethicurean Cookbook: Recipes, Foods and Spirituous Liquors, from Our Bounteous Walled Gardens in the Several Seasons of the Year

The Ethicurean Cookbook: Recipes, Foods and Spirituous Liquors, from Our Bounteous Walled Gardens in the Several Seasons of the Year

The Ethicurean

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The Ethicurean philosophy is simple: eat local, celebrate native foods, live well.The Ethicurean is quietly changing the face of modern British cooking,­ all from a walled garden in the heart of the Mendip Hills. The Ethicurean Cookbook follows a year in their magnificent kitchen and garden,­ and celebrates the greatest food, drink, and traditions of this fair land.The combinations are electric: confit rabbit is paired with lovage breadcrumbs, cured roe deer flirts with wood sorrel, and foraged nettle soup is fortified by a young Caerphilly. The salads are as fresh as a daisy: honeyed walnuts nestle amongst beetroot carpaccio, rich curd cheese is balanced by delicate cucumber. And the comfort of pies and puds—pork and juniper pie, Eccles cakes with Dorset Blue Vinny­—is only enhanced by the apple juice, cider, and beer poured in equal measure.With 120 recipes and a year of seasonal inspiration in photographs and words, Ethicureanism is a new British cooking manifesto.

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tender roast of the highest order. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for at least 20 minutes. Scrub the potatoes and cut them so they are all roughly the same size as the smallest ones. Cook in boiling salted water until tender, then drain well and toss with a knob of butter and the mint. Wash the greens and then blanch them whole in fast-boiling, well-salted water for 1 minute. Drain well and toss with a knob of butter. Serve the lamb with the greens and potatoes. † At the restaurant, we

to support fishermen who use sustainable methods in the hope that they can contribute towards the recovery of our seas. The awards roll in for this company and we are pleased to be in support. MONKFISH Monkfish are great masters of disguise. Their enormous slimy head and body serve as effective camouflage on the sea bed. Looking akin to a rock, they attract prey through the use of a dangling lure from the head. This ability to blend into their surroundings, coupled with their distinct lack of

beauty lies not only in its simplicity but also in its versatility. Surprisingly, crumbles didn’t become popular until the Second World War, when they were a way of eking out sugar, flour and butter rations to make a pudding. Using beetroot might seem slightly risky but we have opted for the sweet, white-fleshed Albina Ice beetroot, which gives a subtle colour palette. If you can get Ribston Pippin apples, they offer the perfect combination of pear, malt and peach flavours, and also have a

100g pork back fat FOR THE SEASONINGS (ALL CALCULATED PER KILO OF MEAT): 25g curing salt 20ml sloe gin or vermouth 20g paprika 5g smoked paprika 3g smoked chilli powder 1g cayenne pepper 1g turmeric 2g garlic powder � tsp ground cumin 1g ground coriander � tsp ground cloves ⅛ tsp ground juniper ⅛ tsp ground star anise Thoroughly wash the salt off the casings, then soak them in a large plastic tub of cold water for at least an hour. Change the water, adding 1 part vinegar to 40

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