The Dead Drop (Gilda Joyce, Book 4)

The Dead Drop (Gilda Joyce, Book 4)

Jennifer Allison

Language: English

Pages: 165

ISBN: B00D5FE184

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Gilda lands a summer internship at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., she finds herself caught up in both a museum haunting and a real case of espionage. While investigating a cemetery where Abraham Lincoln?s son was once buried, Gilda stumbles upon a spy?s ?dead drop? of classified information. As she tries to decode the cryptic message, Gilda realizes her case is not only a matter of investigating the supernatural; she?s involved in an urgent matter of national security and faces her most serious challenge yet.

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learn how you find all these cool things for the museum.” Matthew thought for a moment and shrugged his shoulders. “All right, then—why not. Let’s go.” “Oh, yay! Let me grab my bag.” As Gilda hurried to her desk to grab her handbag, she noticed a faint grimace crossing Janet’s face, as if she had just bitten into something bitter. “April isn’t going to like it,” Janet muttered. Sitting next to Matthew Morrow in a taxi heading toward Georgetown, Gilda couldn’t help imagining that she and

pulled a large book from beneath the desk and flipped through the pages, scanning a list of names and dates with a false fingernail and shaking her head. “There’s no record of a move-in request today.” “There must be. I’m moving in to share an apartment with Caitlin Merrill, and she was supposed to leave me a key. I just spoke with her yesterday.” “In that case, Ms. Merrill neglected to log a move-in request for you Miss—” “The name is Joyce. Gilda Joyce.” Gilda was beginning to feel as if she

and already dreading the next school year) I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I seemed rude back in 8th grade! LESSON #1: “LIVE YOUR COVER” The kids stared at me, expecting me to say something brilliant. Live your cover, I reminded myself. “Welcome to Spy Camp,“ I said, ”and welcome to your spy team--Team Crypt. “Our time together will be brief, but you’re going to learn things that will change your life forever. You’re going to learn to disguise your identity so completely that your own

certainty. “Eet was a ghost.” 22 Dream of the Psychic Spy The psychic spy reclined in his chair in the secret office where he worked. There, across the room, was Loomis Trench, his supervisor. As always, Loomis wore his yellow bow tie and neatly pressed dark suit. As always, Loomis frowned and took detailed notes, recording everything the psychic spy said during his trance. The spy’s current target was a remote industrial facility in an unfriendly foreign country. Entering a trance

he’ll think of me as your little friend instead of a potential girlfriend.” “But you are my little friend.” “You know what I mean. Like, ever since math camp, Stephen sees me differently. Before, he never knew that I was smart or cute or a real person or anything; he just thought we were little kids doing dumb stuff around the house.” That’s why it bugs me that she likes Stephen, Gilda thought. “Wendy, Stephen wouldn’t know a psychic investigation if it came up and bit him on his skinny butt.”

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