The Country Cooking of Ireland

The Country Cooking of Ireland

Colman Andrews

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 081186670X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In The Country Cooking of Ireland, internationally acclaimed food and travel writer Colman Andrews brings to life the people, countryside, and delicious food of Ireland. Fast emerging as one of the world's hottest culinary destinations, Ireland is a country of artisanal bakers, farmers, cheesemakers, and butteries, where farm-to-table dining has been practiced for centuries. Meticulously researched and reported, this sumptuous cookbook includes 250 recipes and more than 100 photographs of the pubs, the people, and the emerald Irish countryside taken by award-winning photographer Christopher Hirsheimer. Rich with stories of the food and people who make Ireland a wonderful place to eat, and laced with charming snippets of song, folklore, and poetry, The Country Cooking of Ireland ushers in a new understanding of Irish food.

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warrior Cumhail Mac Art, fled his father’s killers to become a poet, studying with an older bard named Finnéagas, who lived near the River Boyne. The Boyne was home to a magical salmon that fed on hazelnuts that dropped into the river, and drew so much intelligence from them that he became known as An Bradan Feasa, or “the Salmon of Knowledge.” Finnéagas had tried for years to catch the fish, and finally succeeded. He gave it to his apprentice and asked him to roast it over an open fire on a

instance, notes on Easter Sunday of 1828, “I had chicken and smoked ham for my dinner.” 2 TBSP CANOLA OIL ½ LB/250 G CURED PORK LOIN [SEE PAGE 154] OR GOOD-QUALITY BAKED HAM, CUBED ONE 3¼- TO 4-LB/1.75- TO 2-KG CHICKEN, CUT INTO 8 TO 12 PIECES 1 TBSP WHITE FLOUR 2 CUPS/475 ML CHICKEN STOCK [PAGE 356] 12 SHALLOTS, MINCED ½ LB/250 G WHITE MUSHROOMS, WHOLE IF SMALL, OTHERWISE HALVED SALT AND PEPPER 1 CLOVE GARLIC, MINCED Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat, then add the

purple berries, of the top of effeminate kale.” Finally, Mac Conglinne convinces Cathal to fast for two consecutive nights, then has the king tied up in his palace and, dressed like a chef, cooks a succulent meal to taunt the demon into abandoning his berth: “And he [Conglinne] called for juicy old bacon, and tender corned-beef, and full-fleshed wether, and honey in the comb, and English salt on a beautiful polished dish of white silver, along with four perfectly straight white hazel spits to

its name from the Irish for “old garden.”) A local fruit grower named Ivan Allen and his wife, the former Myrtle Hill, moved there in 1948. Myrtle taught herself to cook, using the riches of the farm. In 1964, she opened what was originally called the Yeats Room in one section of the house. As the restaurant gained popularity, Allen became an enthusiastic and vocal advocate for Irish food. At the time, the idea that there might be something seriously worth eating in the country seemed like

blackstrap molasses may be substituted. Either will mix better with other ingredients if it has been slightly warmed by standing the open container in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes or so. Rinsing the cup out with hot water before measuring will make it flow more smoothly when poured. This is author/playwright Maura Laverty’s recipe. 3½ CUPS/350 G WHITE FLOUR, PREFERABLY IRISH [SEE SOURCES, PAGE 369], OR UNBLEACHED PASTRY FLOUR, PLUS MORE FOR DUSTING 1 TBSP SUGAR 1 TSP SALT 1 TSP

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