The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback))

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback))

Keith Rosen

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1592572278

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Does this sound familiar? "If I could get in front of the prospect, the rest of the selling process becomes easier. It's just getting in front of them that's the challenge." The fact is most cold calling efforts are doomed from the start. Salespeople lose sales not due to a lack of effort but because they lack a prospecting system they are comfortable with and can trust to generate greater, consistent results.

If you are prospecting the same way you have been for the last several years (including the, "calling to check in, touch base or follow-up" approach) or haven't been prospecting at all, you're simply making it easier for your competition to take away the new business you are working so hard to earn. So, if you love to sell but hate (or don't like) to prospect, this book is your opportunity to maximize your cold calling potential and boost your income by learning how to get in front of the right prospects in less time and create greater selling opportunities without the fear, pressure or anxiety associated with cold calling.

Keith will show you how to:
. Utilize the 7 steps to a permission-based cold calling conversation so that you don't have to push your presentation and hope there's a fit.
. Create winning voice mail messages that will ensure more return calls.
. Develop your MVP (Most Valuable Proposition) that separates you from your competition.
. Craft the Compelling Reasons that would motivate a prospect to speak with you.
. Prevent and defuse initial objections such as, "I'm not interested,"We don't have any money now" or "Call me back later."
. Design your own step-by-step prospecting and follow-up system that runs on autopilot and is aligned with your selling philosophy, strengths, objectives and natural talents rather than taking the generic, "One size fits all" approach.
. Develop the right questions and uncover new selling opportunities in seconds so that you can stop wasting precious time on the wrong prospects.

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bit lighter when it comes to cold calling, because you can now eliminate many of the misconceptions about prospecting that weigh you down and cause cold calling paralysis. Please realize that I’m not saying this process is going to be easy, let alone happen overnight. After all, if it were easy then everyone, includ­ ing your competition, would be doing it. (What a great way to develop an immediate edge over your competitors!) So if you don’t get this les­ son completely that’s perfectly natural.

your face before, during, and after your prospecting efforts. This serves two purposes. First, if you are smiling then you can’t be frowning. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you are smiling! Even faking a smile or forcing a grin makes you feel better and actually fools your body into feeling more cheerful. The very act of smiling raises your endorphin level, the body’s natural opiate. The benefit is, the more you smile, the healthier you become. Second, a smile is contagious, even over

the phone. When talking to a prospect, they can sense the mood you are in. It’s a safe bet that people would rather do business with happy salespeople. Therefore, make sure you are coming across in the most positive light possible. Some salespeople go as far as keeping a mirror in front of them when cold calling, just to make certain that they are, in fact smiling. So, just smile! Not only will it make you healthier, it will make the prospecting process more enjoyable, especially when you notice

proposals 6. Number of demonstrations 7. Number of free trials 8. Number of recurring sales (residual/repeat business) There is always another call that can be made or another e-mail that can be responded to. The key here is to recognize that it’s an ongoing process of taking consistent, measurable actions so that you can truly enjoy the journey while achieving bigger goals. Make Prospecting a Non-Negotiable Activity Forgive me for such a personal imposition but I’m assuming that you find the

truly listen to and understand each prospect’s situation, goals, problems, or concerns. The Sprinter holds the belief that if you give the prospect an opportu­ nity to say “No,” they will. Therefore, he won’t give the prospect the opportunity to do so! There may be a fear on The Sprinter’s side that sounds like this. “If the prospect does in fact say ‘No’ I will be unable to turn them around to the point where they say ‘Yes.’ As such, I would rather dump as much information on them hoping that my

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