The Complete Beginner's Guide to Reddit

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Reddit

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Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub is an amazingly engaging website with a diverse user base. In "The Complete Beginner's Guide to Reddit," you will learn how to begin browsing the site, create an account, subscribe to various subreddits, post, edit, and delete comments, make submissions, subscribe to and create multireddits, and a variety of other topics. Additionally, safety and security while using Reddit is discussed. Finally, you will learn to customize your browsing experience using a variety of third-party tools and applications. By the time you're done reading, you will be a fully active Redditor.

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still follow the same general style. If you want to add your own voice to the discussion, you can either create your own top-level comment or reply to someone’s comment left previously. To create your own comment, simply click inside of the textbox near the top of the page and enter your text. When you’re finished, click submit and your comment will be added to the list. Submission Comment Page Note that if you comment on a popular submission long past its submission time, it is

unlikely that anyone else will see your comment due to the sheer volume of comments already posted. If you want your comments to be noticed, it is best the comment early and often. Entering a Comment Commenting is an integral part of the Reddit experience, so I have included a full chapter on comments later on. Submitting Posts One of the easiest ways to get involved in a community on Reddit is to submit content that you think will benefit that community. Subreddits tend to be very

puppy on a blog. First, copy the link to the page. Next, head over to and paste the link into the “url” textbox. In the title section, give your content a title that is accurate, eye-catching, and relatively short. Content on Reddit lives and dies by its title, so coming up with the perfect title is imperative. Oftentimes two posts linking to the exact same content are voted up and down differently depending on the title. Make sure that the “subreddit” section

subreddits follow a similar theme or cover a similar topic. To address this, and allow users to categorize their subreddits, Reddit introduced a feature called “multireddits.” A multireddit is essentially a collection of subreddits. For example, a multireddit called “news” could include the subreddits /r/news, /r/worldnews, /r/technology, etc. Getting Started Reddit has collected a number of multireddits that you can browse before creating your own. To see these, head to

can change a variety of settings on the site. For example, RES can add “unlimited scrolling” to a page so that the next set of submissions load automatically as you scroll down the page. Another example is “night mode” which inverts the colors of the site for more contrast. RES can be downloaded at its official site: Be sure to download the correct version for your browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Once the extension is installed,

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