The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0394848365

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sister Bear watches Dr. Bearson fill Brother Bear's small cavity. Then it's her turn in the chair to have a dangling baby tooth removed. An entertaining story for preschoolers of a cheerful and informative visit to a dentist.

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care—Fiction.] I. Berenstain, Jan [date]. II. Title. PZ7.B448Bfv [E] AACR2 81-50045 eISBN: 978-0-375-98252-1 v3.1 Title Page Copyright First Page One morning, Sister Bear woke up in the same old bed, in the same old pajamas, and yawned the same old yawn. But something was different. “I have a looth tooth,” she told Brother Bear. “Well, push it back and forth with your tongue, and maybe it’ll come out,” yawned Brother, as he turned over to go back to sleep. “Then what?”

asked Sister. Brother had told her about the tooth fairy, and she wanted to hear it again. “Then, put it under your pillow, and the tooth fairy will take it away and leave a new coin in its place.…” “But,” Brother added, “be sure to tell Mama about it first!” Later, at breakfast, when Mama was reminding Brother that he had a dentist’s appointment after school, she noticed that Sister was eating funny. “She has a loose tooth,” Brother explained. “When it comth out,” said Sister,

met Brother after school and went to the dentist. “Ith thtill thtuck,” she said, showing Dr. Bearson her loose tooth. “Well,” said the dentist, “I’ll have a look at it after I examine Brother’s teeth. You can stand on this stool and watch—if that’s all right with Brother.” “Sure,” said Brother, as he climbed into the special cub’s seat in the big dentist’s chair. “She can watch me and see how it’s done.” Brother had been to the dentist before, and he couldn’t help showing off just

ULP!—a yanker! She had become so interested that she had forgotten all about her loose tooth! She went to work wiggling again. She wiggled hard. But it was still stuck. There were some other interesting dentist’s things: a water squirter for rinsing … an air squirter for drying … and a little drill on the end of a big hinged arm for cleaning out a cavity. And Brother had a cavity! “It’s just a tiny one,” said Dr. Bearson, “in the last of your baby molars. But it’s best to

seat—still wiggling, but that loose tooth just didn’t seem to want to come out. “Hmmm,” said the dentist, looking at the tooth. “Ulp!” said Sister, waiting for him to reach for those big yankers. But while she waited, Dr. Bearson gripped the tooth with a piece of gauze, gave a tug, and … OUT IT CAME! Sister looked at the tooth. It was very tiny. Dr. Bearson gave it to her to keep. Now it was her turn to hop down as good as new. “Don’t I get a lollipop or something for

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