The Beasts of Tarzan (Tarzan Series, Book 3)

The Beasts of Tarzan (Tarzan Series, Book 3)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Language: English

Pages: 133

ISBN: 1540533174

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After renouncing his savage life in the jungle for the sake of his wife Jane and newborn son, Tarzan finds his trust in civilization has been again betrayed. Tarzan, now the rich Lord Greystoke, becomes the target of sinister criminals. When he and Jane try to save their abducted son, Jane is kidnapped and Tarzan is stranded on a deserted island. But as the lord of his realm, he calls the beasts of the jungle to his service. Sheeta the panther, Akut, the great ape and the giant Mugambi remain steadfast allies in Tarzan's quest to save his family.... if they are still alive!

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Dover. As he passed into the evil-smelling room a muffled figure brushed past him toward the street. "Come, my lord!" whispered the stranger. The ape-man wheeled about and followed the other into the ill-lit alley, which custom had dignified with the title of thoroughfare. Once outside, the fellow led the way into the darkness, nearer a wharf, where high-piled bales, boxes, and casks cast dense shadows. Here he halted. "Where is the boy?" asked Greystoke. "On that small steamer whose lights

trail. He was sure that Rokoff would be following this trio, and so he felt confident that so long as he could keep upon the Russian's trail he would be winning so much nearer to the time he might snatch his son from the dangers and horrors that menaced him. In retracing their way after losing Rokoff's trail Tarzan picked it up again at a point where the Russian had left the river and taken to the brush in a northerly direction. He could only account for this change on the ground that the child

side. To release her hold upon the chain and chance clambering to the ladder as her canoe was swept beneath it seemed beyond the pale of possibility, yet to remain clinging to the anchor chain appeared equally as futile. Finally her glance chanced to fall upon the rope in the bow of the dugout, and, making one end of this fast to the chain, she succeeded in drifting the canoe slowly down until it lay directly beneath the ladder. A moment later, her rifle slung about her shoulders, she had

stream, and a moment later, following the direction of his gaze, she was terrified to see a ship's boat approaching from up-stream, in which, she felt assured, there could be only members of the Kincaid's missing crew – only heartless ruffians and enemies. Chapter 16 In the Darkness of the Night When Tarzan of the Apes realized that he was in the grip of the great jaws of a crocodile he did not, as an ordinary man might have done, give up all hope and resign himself to his fate.

Tarzan of the Apes and his wife retained their composure. Scarce had the debris settled than the ape-man was among the beasts, quieting their fears, talking to them in low, pacific tones, stroking their shaggy bodies, and assuring them, as only he could, that the immediate danger was over. An examination of the wreckage showed that their greatest danger, now, lay in fire, for the flames were licking hungrily at the splintered wood of the wrecked cabin, and had already found a foothold upon the

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