The Art of Adventure: Outdoor Sports from Sea to Summit

The Art of Adventure: Outdoor Sports from Sea to Summit

Ian Shive, Jon-Paul Harrison, Susan Alkaitis

Language: English

Pages: 55


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Author note: Forward by Ian Shive, Forward by Susan Alkaitis

The fastest growing form of recreation today, outdoor adventure sports compel countless individuals to push the boundaries, challenge the elements, and seek out the world's most beautiful and remote regions. Rock climbing the coastal crags of Southeast Asia, free diving the freshwater caves of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, surfing a reef pass in the South Pacific, and skiing an untouched alpine chute are among the many lifestyle-defining, adrenaline-pumping pursuits chronicled in this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive volume.

Through firsthand accounts by photographers and explorers, breathtaking photography, and contributions by leading commentators—including Keri Bascetta (SKI and Skiing), Amy Silverman (Outside), Julie Ellison (Climbing), Genny Fullerton (Backpacker), Aaron Schmidt (Canoe & Kayak), among others—The Art of Adventure reveals the culture, inspiration, and drive behind those dedicated to living an adventurous life.

Complete with insights from behind the lens and far afield, this riveting collection captures the spirit of outdoor recreation like never before. Filled with wisdom and colored by both epic and quiet moments, The Art of Adventure is a gripping reminder of the vast playground awaiting those willing to live on the edge.

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The Second Spy (The Books of Elsewhere, Book 3)


Orlando Furioso, Volume 1

Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals, Book 2)

The Will Of The Empress















left) K E N T H A R V E Y: Pages 114 (middle right), 120, and back cover (second from bottom middle) C H R I S T I A N V I Z L : Pages 8, 62 (top right, middle, middle right, and bottom right), 63, 64-65, 66-67, and 166 (middle right) K I M H AV E L L : Page 118 M EG H AY WO O D -S U L L I VA N : Page 92 (top) B E N H ER N D O N : Pages 6-7, 10, 17 (top right), 70 (bottom right), 77, 96 (middle and bottom right), 114 (bottom left, bottom right), 124 (top left, top right, middle left, and

descent ∙ O P P O S I T E : Drangme Chhu River, Bhutan W E C A L L I T “ R I V ER T I M E” Aaron Schmidt, Canoe & Kayak WE CALL IT “RIVER TIME”—the feeling you get when So go for it, commit yourself to the people on your trip. purposefully abandoning civilization, at least temporarily, and Ask questions, take candid portraits, and learn who the real you find that all of its stresses are blissfully forgotten. Here, people are beneath the drysuits, PFDs, and other paddling gear. the

“food-ration.” But without the distractions of home you can Even with the all-in approach, creating epic photographs become totally in tune with the environment; you read the on these trips is both extremely challenging and frustrating. light and learn to anticipate the mist as it rises off the water in Let’s face it, no one wants to sit in an eddy and wait for the the early hours of the morning. Perhaps rapids you would have photographer to paddle ahead, get out of the boat, and climb

wilderness. If you are lucky, you may have even experienced some of the very places that are found in these pages, shot through isolated canyons in a kayak, surfed secret reef breaks, or skied powder untouched by another soul. As you enjoy this breathtaking volume of photographs and essays, you may also be struck by the breadth and scope represented—from tales detailing the excitement and potential peril of venturing into remote corners of the world, to images evoking the euphoria found on the

community that views them. As we felt during our last perfect run. We remember the cold, airy the athletes and photographers work together to push the limits texture of the champagne powder as our body glided through and create unique images year after year, we continually find it. We check the snow predictions, hoping to score our next ourselves in awe of the art as it develops. Every snowflake is powder day. unique, every skier descends the mountain in their own path, A photograph of a

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