The Age of Bronze (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #5)

The Age of Bronze (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #5)

Rob Kidd

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1423101685

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The beginning of a new story arc! Jack and company are regrouping after their Sword of Cortes ordeal. They want to forget about magical power and turn their attention towards treasure. But they are about to learn that in the Caribbean magic and treasure often go hand in hand when they encounter a young sailor who can turn things to solid… bronze?

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expectantly. She had a full, black, curly beard."Yes?" she asked in a deep, husky voice. "Read your tea leaves?" Ah, no thank you, not today, I'm having coffee," Jack apologized, backing away.A gentleman walked by, dressed appropriately, Jack thought, in a top hat and shiny polished boots. Jack took a moment to study him, though, to make sure."Excuse me, good sir," Jack said, pressing his hands together and bowing. "I was wondering if you could kindly . . .""Let your blood? Absolutely!" the man

were afraid of getting some horrible disease from the nasty-looking thing.The woman in black gave him a smile and shook her head. Oui, le chat aussi she said, snapping her fingers.Grudgingly, the doorman let them go. Fitzwilliam gave him a look--if it had been on his father's estate, the man would have been fired for letting such riffraff in."She is a very powerful woman," the doorman explained, shrugging. "What can I do?" Inside the hotel, a grand ball was in progress. Miles of thick red and

just as the first of the crowd reached the boat. One man overshot and fell into the water, letting out a horrible, gurgling scream.The boy looked around him and made a decision. Possessed folks behind him on the dock, a rapidly retreating boat before him in the water . . . He leaped.His feet just cleared the water, the drowning man who had just fallen off the dock reaching at his ankles. The boy landed on the edge of the deck, barely making it. The possessed crowd parted. Madame Minuit stepped

big a scene. He hit with the flat of his sword, not wanting to cut the boy, just hoping to knock the amulet out of his hand. Clang!The boy turned his hand out, blocking the sword with the amulet. There was a strange noise, like a hiss, and the stink of something burning. Jack watched in surprise as a reddish gold colour swallowed his sword from where it touched the amulet on up. In less than a second his sword had been turned into bronze. It was much heavier than before, and the unexpected weight

his hands out wildly, trying to keep his balance. Jack recovered himself and lunged forward again--and was rewarded by being slammed in the face by the amulet.Clonk.His jaw shook with a head-shattering pain. It felt like a tooth had been knocked clear out of his mouth. Yes there was that burning, metallic taste of blood. Not the first time he had lost a tooth, but this felt like a whole row of them from one side of his mouth!Jack tried to run his tongue over the hole where his teeth had been.

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