The Adventurous Four Again (Rewards)

The Adventurous Four Again (Rewards)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0603032907

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is a story of the further adventures of four children who get into some hair-raising scrapes, but always manage to survive them. It is one in a series of adventure stories by Enid Blyton, and should appeal to both boys and girls.

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what to do for water to boil. ”Easy!” said Tom. “There is plenty of rain-water in the hollows of the rocks up here-left from last week’s rain-storms, I should think. I’ll fill your kettle for you, from one of the pools.” ”Right,” said Mary, and handed over the kettle. Tom squeezed out of the cave, found a good pool of rain-water quite nearby, and filled the kettle. Soon it was boiling on the oil-stove, making a nice gurgling sound. Jill cut some bread and butter, and put out a jar of plum jam.

you like,” said Andy. “If you come in feet first we’ll send you out double-quick, with a good shove. And if you come in head first, we’re sorry for you. We’ve got the oil-stove waiting!” ”Leave them, Bandy,” said the dark man, standing up. “Little idiots! It will be the worse for them when they do come out. We can always get them out when we want to.” ”How?” asked Bandy. ”Easy enough. You’ll see!” said the other. The children wondered what he meant. ”Well, we’ll want them out as soon as we

of it at all!” ”Well-couldn’t we do it again, if those men take us off to the high-up cave another time?” asked Tom. “I bet your father won’t give up hunting for us yet, Andy. I bet he’ll be along again to-morrow. If so, those men wfll shut us up again. Bandy said they would.” ”Yes. There’s a chance Dad might sail this way again to-morrow,” said Andy. “He might even bring out some of his friends, in their boats, to search all round. We could try out my idea again.” ”But not with salt,” said

whispered Andy in Tom’s ear. “We’d better get out, quick! We don’t want to be discovered here. Come on. Quiet now!” The boys climbed out as quietly as they could. They made for their hiding-place again, puzzled. ”Who’s in there?” whispered Tom. “He sounded as if he was ill, or hurt. Who is it?” ”Goodness knows!” said Andy. “All I know is he’s a frightful nuisance, whoever he is-he’s prevented us from taking the boat.” ”What shall we do now?” whispered Tom. “We can’t stay up here all the

money and I promised faithfully to be much more careful with it than I was with my old one. And now I’ve gone and left it behind’, on the Cliff of Birds!” ”Idiot!” said Mary. “You’re jolly careless. Mother will be awfully cross.” ”Well, one of you might have been clever enough to notice I’d left it behind,” said Tom crossly. “Haven’t got eyes, I suppose! Dash! Andy, can we turn back?” ”What! Turn back, and climb all the way up that cliff again!” said Andy. “Don’t be stupid. We haven t got

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