Tales from the Hood (Sisters Grimm, Book 6)

Tales from the Hood (Sisters Grimm, Book 6)

Michael Buckley

Language: English

Pages: 274

ISBN: 0810989255

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Funny, suspenseful, and fast-paced, The Sisters Grimm continues to charm readers with its outrageous take on familiar fairy tales.
In Ferryport Landing everyone gets a day in court—even the Big Bad Wolf, a.k.a. Mr. Canis. When Canis is put on trial for past crimes, Mayor Heart’s kangaroo court is determined to find him guilty. It’s up to the Grimms to uncover evidence to save their friend, though Sabrina starts to wonder whether they would all be safer with the Wolf in jail. Despite her misgivings, Sabrina and her sister, Daphne, investigate what actually happened in the Big Bad Wolf’s most famous tale—and the real story is full of surprises!

F&P level: U

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Puck said. Sabrina watched Bluebeard study a shelf holding several leather-bound books. He took a few large volumes off the shelf and put them on a nearby table. When he had a big pile, he sat and started flipping through them and taking notes. “What do you think he’s doing here?” Daphne asked. No one knew, and it was clear that they shouldn’t stick around to find out. The man made Sabrina nervous. Even from across the library she could feel the darkness inside him. It felt hot and angry.

matter who I appoint to oversee this case, brat. It will end the same way. The Wolf is going to swing from a rope and then there will be no one left to protect you.” A commotion at the front of the room turned Sabrina’s attention back to the trial. “Where is the prosecuting attorney?” Judge Hatter asked. “I’m right here, your honor,” a man shouted as he barreled through the double doors into the courtroom. Sabrina took one look at him and cringed. She felt her sister’s hand slip into her own.

to keep her breakfast down. “I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one,” Puck said as he reached his hand into a bowl of oatmeal and shoveled it into his mouth. Sabrina’s hand was dragged along and covered with the gooey cereal. “How am I going to get dressed? Or take a bath?” Sabrina cried. “Who needs a bath?” Puck said, wiping the extra oatmeal on his shirt. “I suppose we could just take the two of you out in the yard and hose you down,” Uncle Jake said. “Elvis loves it,” Daphne said. Uncle

his fingers and toes. He grew several feet and put on hundreds of pounds of muscle. Seconds later, his transformation was complete. He looked exactly like the Big Bad Wolf. “Did it work?” Puck asked as he peered down at himself. “You look just like him,” Sabrina said with a shudder. She was still handcuffed to Puck, and his new shape made her recoil in fear. She had to take several deep breaths to calm down. “All right, let’s go introduce you to Hatchett,” Daphne said as she put away the wand.

quiet lives in New York City. When their parents disappeared they bounced from one foster family to the next, eventually landing in the home of their real-life grandmother, who lived in a sleepy river town called Ferryport Landing. Sabrina remembered the day she and Daphne came into town by train. Ferryport Landing seemed like the most boring place in the world. But it had a shocking secret: Ferryport Landing was a settlement for fairy-tale characters, founded by her great-great-great-great-great

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