Swordsman's Legacy (Rogue Angel, Book 15)

Swordsman's Legacy (Rogue Angel, Book 15)

Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

Language: English

Pages: 227

ISBN: 2:00306492

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Archaeologist Annja Creed visits France to find D'Artagnan's lost sword, missing since the seventeenth century, and Ascher Vallois, one of Annja's treasure-hunting friends, believes he has located the site of the relic which may hold the key to a fortune.

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care to pull it over the weapon. “You have the keys for my rental?” He stroked a hand over her hair, and this time she didn’t flinch away. “I’m sorry. My security system was working, but who can know what it will be like to catch a thief in the dark. There must have been two. They gave us the slip. I will call the police. You should leave the rapier here as evidence,” he said. Annja clutched bagged sword to her chest. Evidence. Yes, but she had only just obtained this treasure, and it seemed

Sorry.” “Tell me again why I spend all my time sitting in libraries, surfing the Internet on quests for historical facts and details, when I’ve got you, a virtual living history book?” Annja asked. He shrugged. “Some women never realize a man’s value. But I’m willing to forgive if you’ll have dinner with me.” “I am starving. Can we eat soon?” “I love a woman with a healthy appetite. Henshaw has prepared the patio for an afternoon repast. Let’s step outside, shall we?” 10 Seventeenth century

who could ever truly know if Great Uncle Charlie was playing a joke on the entire family by claiming ownership of the genuine article? “This would be quite a feather. The DNA of the Maid of Orléans?” He realized Roux could have learned about BHDC’s genetic research with an Internet search, as had the Creed woman. Jacques glanced to the wall where the sliding marble door was cleverly concealed. It had been a good fifteen minutes. Did he trust she would sit tight? With Manny guarding the door,

fine. The one Annja guessed to be a receptionist directed the other to take a seat and the doctor would be right with her. Doctor? What would a genetic research—? Of course there would be medical personnel here, she thought. But why patients? Wanting to dash to the waiting room for a peek, Annja’s attention veered down the hallway in the direction she had come. A man in a white lab coat walked toward her, his head down and attention focused on a stack of manila files cradled in one arm.

from going to the authorities. And the only plan that made sense involved shutting her up for good. It wouldn’t be easy. She was a celebrity. And crafty. The intercom buzzed and, noticing it was a line from the lab, Jacques clicked on. “Yes?” “I’ve begun to synthesize the samples you sent down,” Andrew Harrison said. His head genetic engineer was a keen scientist with a bold daring that Jacques appreciated. Andrew had lost a sister due to lack of donor for a heart transplant. They understood

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