Stay Away from the Tree House and Eye of the Fortuneteller: Twice Terrifying Tales (R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street)

Stay Away from the Tree House and Eye of the Fortuneteller: Twice Terrifying Tales (R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street)

R.L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1416991379

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Stay Away from the Tree House, Dylan and Steve find a cool tree house—one that’s supposed to be haunted. But are the creepy stories true? Dylan and Steve are about to find out: They’re spending the night in the tree house—in the woods. Just the two of them. And one ghost.

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he rocked back and forth—in a deep, deep trance. Kelsey wondered what Gregor was saying. But she didn’t dare interrupt him. “Is it over?” she whispered hopefully when Gregor finally stopped his strange song. “Not yet,” he answered. “For the curse to be broken, you must swallow your fears.” “What do you mean?” Kelsey asked. Gregor nodded at the items on the ground in front of him. “You must swallow your fears,” he repeated. “Are you telling me that I have to eat those things?” Kelsey

you should be most proud of yourself.” “I am.” Kelsey laughed. “I am!” “You did it, Kelsey!” Drew exclaimed. “You really did it!” “So, is that it?” Kelsey asked Gregor. “Is the curse all gone now?” Gregor peered into his magic book. “No,” he told Kelsey. “The curse has not yet been broken.” “What else do I have to do?” Kelsey wailed. “What else could there possibly be?” “You must throw something belonging to Madame Valda into the fire,” Gregor told her. “You never told us that!” Drew

then Kelsey stopped. What lay ahead of her was suddenly as terrifying as the wild dog behind her. Another dead end. There was no way out. “We’re trapped!” Kelsey shrieked. “We’re trapped!” 4 Kelsey and Drew pressed their backs against the building. Waiting. Waiting for the vicious dog to appear. Kelsey held her breath and listened. No barking. No snarling. “Maybe we lost him,” she whispered. “I don’t think so,” Drew whispered back. Kelsey silently agreed. The alley went only one

Waves of jellyfish rolled toward her. Crashing against her skin with a sickening splat. She flailed through the sea of slime. “I’m not going to make it,” she groaned. “I’m not going to make it back.” The jellyfish sea thickened around her. She could barely lift her arms to swim anymore. And then a huge wave lifted her up and carried her toward the shore. As soon as her foot hit the ocean’s sandy bottom, she stood up and charged out of the water. “Help me!” she screamed. “Somebody, help me get

mad at me for not believing in her.” Zandra shook her head gravely. “Now all these terrible things are happening to me,” Kelsey continued. “Yesterday, we got lost. And last night hundreds of sand crabs attacked me in my sleep.” “And this morning,” Drew jumped in, “she thought she was smothered in jellyfish.” Zandra cringed. “And no matter what I do,” Kelsey went on, “I can’t seem to get rid of this card.” Kelsey placed the Fool card down on the table in front of Zandra. “I’ve torn it up

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