Star the Western Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 3)

Star the Western Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 3)

Poppy Shire

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: B00V178RZ6

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town! Laura loves ponies, and she can't wait to ride Star the western pony. When she climbs on to Star's saddle, the ride takes them back in time to the Wild West, where they must save a baby calf! Will Laura and Star be able to save the day

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colors—brown and white, speckled and patchy—and they all had big, dangerous-looking horns. Laura shielded her eyes against the sun. She could see a river up ahead, and in the distance rocky mountains jutted into the sky. There were other riders cantering beside the cattle, too, wearing wide-brimmed hats and long leather chaps. “Wow!” Laura exclaimed. “It’s a Wild West cattle drive!” Chapter 2 Laura didn’t have time to wonder how she’d gotten here. Some of the cattle were bellowing

She shrugged. “I guess it must be pretty good.” Laura grinned. She was glad to hear the other girl say something nice at last! She patted Star’s neck. “Well, I wouldn’t be much good without Star,” she said, and for the first time, Jolene gave her a friendly smile. It was too good an opportunity to miss. Laura took a deep breath. “I think some of the cowboys are planning to steal half the cattle,” she said. “I heard them talking about it last night. They’re going to use a secret valley near a

scratch on his hand. They must be the cowboys I heard talking last night!” Jolene still looked doubtful. For one awful moment, Laura thought she was about to ride away. “You’ve got to believe me!” she insisted. “I couldn’t have dreamed all that. You must help me before it’s too late!” But Jolene didn’t seem to be listening. She pointed at a thornbush just behind Laura. “What’s that?” Jolene asked. “There’s something caught in the branches!” Star trotted over to the thornbush. It was the piece

ponies began to pick their way up the side of the hill, puffing and blowing as they struggled up the rocky slope. When they reached the top, a cooling breeze blew against the girls’ cheeks. Laura steered Star carefully along the ridge and looked down into the secret valley. It almost made Laura feel dizzy! There was the line of cattle, plodding along with the cowboys riding beside them. Laura took a deep breath. It was so beautiful here—exactly how she’d always imagined it from her favorite

movies. But she wasn’t here to enjoy the view. They had to stop the thieves! The ponies trotted along the ridge until they had overtaken the cattle far below. Laura’s stomach turned somersaults all the way. She desperately hoped the cowboys wouldn’t look up! Fortunately, the cowboys were too busy guiding the cattle to spare a glance at the ridge above them. Once the two girls were well ahead of the herd, Laura began to look for a good place for their ambush. They needed a gentle slope, so that

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