Sepron The Sea Serpent (Beast Quest, Book 2)

Sepron The Sea Serpent (Beast Quest, Book 2)

Adam Blade, Cherith Baldry

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 2:00310805

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One boy's journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom. Features a fearsome new beast in every book!
Floods. Starvation. Fear. This is what awaits the people of Avantia's coast if Tom and Elenna cannot stop Sepron the Sea Serpent. The huge and terrifying beast lurks in eerie waters. All the fish have fled and no boats dare to pass.
Tom and Elenna meet a mysterious stranger who may hold the key for tracking down the monster. But as they set off in a rickety rowboat, Tom can't help but wonder if they'll succeed so easily this time. . . .

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said, her voice choking with fear. “It’s a tidal wave!” CHAPTER TWO RACE AGAINST THE SEA FOR AN INSTANT, TOM FROZE. “Tom!” Elenna tugged hard at his elbow. Wrenching on the reins, Tom brought Storm’s head around and dug his heels into the horse’s flank. “Run!” he yelled. Storm leaped forward like an arrow from a bow. Growling fiercely, Silver raced along not far behind. “Faster!” Elenna cried. “The water is catching up.” Tom risked a glance over his shoulder. The dark water was surging

Matt was examining Elenna’s repairs. “Matt …” he began. The fisherman looked up. “Yes, what is it?” “May we borrow your boat for a while? We’ll take good care of it.” Matt straightened up. “This is the only seaworthy vessel we have left. We need it if we’re going to catch anything to eat.” “We’d have to leave Silver and Storm here with you,” Elenna said, coming to stand beside Tom. “And you can be sure we’d never do that if we weren’t coming back.” Matt shook his head. “I’m not calling you

heaved as he thought about his aunt and uncle back home, the hope they had placed in him. This was his destiny. The evening sun was going down, setting the water aglow in shades of red and orange. “We’ll take the boat and row out at dawn,” Tom said. CHAPTER FIVE ON WITH THE QUEST TOM AND ELENNA SLEPT ROLLED UP IN BLANKETS on the floor of one of the cottages that had escaped the flood. Some of the villagers were crowded in there with them. Tom was careful to choose a spot near the door, so he

want to borrow it,” Elenna protested. “It’s not called borrowing if you don’t have permission,” Calum said coldly. Tom hesitated. To his relief, none of the other villagers had been awakened by Calum’s shout. If only he could persuade the boy. But he knew that he couldn’t tell anyone about the Beast Quest without causing a panic. “I need the boat for something really important,” he began. Calum no longer looked angry as he gave Tom a thoughtful look. Then he glanced out to sea. “I think I can

Elenna, he muttered, “We’re going to need it.” CHAPTER SIX DISCOVERY ON THE ISLAND ROWING WAS HARD WORK. SWEAT PLASTERED Tom’s tunic to his body. His hands ached from gripping the oar. Elenna’s hair clung to her face and she snatched a moment to wipe her forehead with her sleeve. An eerie silence hung around them. The only sounds were the creaking of the boat and their oars dipping into the water. As they rowed toward the island, the sea became choppy and a current seized the boat. It grew

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