Sent (The Missing, Book 2)

Sent (The Missing, Book 2)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1416954236

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and another boy, Alex, have no preparation before they are sent back to 1483 at the Tower of London, with the promise that they can return to the present if they can repair history. They quickly discover that Chip and Alex’s true identities are the 13-year-old King Edward V and his 10-year-old brother, Richard, Duke of York. But before Chip can enjoy being the king of England, they discover that they are virtually prisoners—and that their uncle wants them dead. How can the kids repair time and return home when according to history, Chip and Alex were murdered?

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Silence. Jonah had nervous tremors in his stomach. The hand holding the Elucidator was shaking. He wasn’t even sure what he was asking for. But he couldn’t stop now. “You have to let us try,” Jonah argued. “Let us try to save Alex and Chip and time. Or else . . .” He had to come up with a good threat. Or else what? Oh. “Or else we’ll do our best to mess up time even worse than Hodge and Gary did.” The silence from the Elucidator continued. Jonah worried that they’d floated out of range, or

you? You said yourself, they’re doomed.” “But what if that’s our fate?” Chip said, just as Alex objected, “I didn’t say they were doomed.” Chip looked at Alex in surprise. Jonah wondered why he hadn’t noticed they were brothers from the very beginning: They had the same blond curly hair, the same blue eyes, the same high cheekbones. Noble high cheekbones. Royal looking. Even with their hair cut in a twenty-first-century style, now that they were back in the fifteenth century, both of them did

supposed to be . . . Oh, yeah. The whole reason they were in this mess was that a group of people from the future had gone through history plucking out endangered children. This would have been very noble and kind, except that they began carrying off famous kids, kids whose disappearances were noticed. JB, who seemed to oppose any tampering with history, was convinced that all of time was on the verge of collapse because of these rescues. He and his cohorts had managed to freeze the effects of

bread that looked hard enough to break a tooth on. It all looked disgusting, but Jonah’s stomach growled anyway. Nobody would be able to tell if I just took a bite or two of the oatmeal, Jonah thought. He reached for one of the spoons and scooped up a tiny amount of the runny, grayish cereal. It steamed as he brought it up to his mouth and hesitantly maneuvered it toward his tongue. He closed his lips around the spoon. . . . And immediately began coughing. Did they use a whole jar of

Chip and Alex?” Katherine asked. Jonah glanced to the right, where he knew Chip and Alex were hiding with other troops. Very few people knew they were there; the battle brewing before them was going to be between Richard III and Henry Tudor, his rival who had invaded from France. Chip and Alex were just waiting in the wings, waiting to see if they could take advantage of shifting loyalties or shifting fortunes on the battlefield. “Nooo,” Jonah said slowly. “Not yet. Let’s go see what Richard’s

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