Secret of the Slaves (Rogue Angel, Book 8)

Secret of the Slaves (Rogue Angel, Book 8)

Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 2:00306485

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hired to find the lost city of Promise in Brazil, which is rumored to hold the key to eternal life, archaeologist Annja Creed soon discovers that its residents will go to extreme lengths to protect their ancient secret.

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lighter tone. "Publico said you were a martial-arts expert with more than a little rough-and-tumble experience. I like that in a woman. And yeah, I had the same sense about the woman in my room. Although it didn't occur to me to hit her. But which impossibility is going to upset your worldview the most? Astral projection, some kind of technological projection, or teleportation?" "I think I'll just go back to bed," she said, "and try not to speculate in the absence of sufficient data." "Or an

said. "What would you expect them to say? And what would you say if they started asking us how we knew about that? Who would we be placing at the scene of the crime – an actual River of Dreams employee, or just ourselves?" "You think they'd dare go to the cops?" "Why not? First off, we're the ones who fled the scene of an apparent double murder and arson. Remember, the Brazilian authorities like to toss the occasional tourist into one of their horrible prisons just to show what's what. And you

Dan's hand dipped under the loose tails of his shirt. It came out holding the same handgun he'd used in the warehouse in Manaus. "They're surrounding the hootch!" he shouted as he raised the handgun to point at the tall newcomer. With startling speed she crescent kicked the pistol. She failed to knock the weapon from his hand but did kick it aside. It went off with a noise that seemed to billow the torn cloth hangings that served as part of the shack's walls. She spun rapidly into a back kick

Lidia's pain. But Lidia and her daughter were only individuals. How could a the welfare of single individual or even two be weighed against the common good? The Promessans had committed grievous crimes, against all humankind, as well as Annja and Dan. By withholding their knowledge they caused enormous suffering. Now Annja would wrest the secrets forcibly from the Promessans' grasp or die trying. And in return she would give them retribution. **** The mercs along the rail grew impatient with

were covered in Panama hats. They winged out to each side of the aircraft door and stood with thick arms crossed. A similarly attired Publico emerged. McKelvey, alerted to the plane's approach by radio, snapped to attention and saluted. Sir Iain acknowledged him with an airy tip of a forefinger off his craggy forehead. Then his blue eyes lit on Annja, walking crisply toward him across the field. His face seamed in smiles. "Ah, Annja my dear. Just the person I want to see. Carry on, Lieutenant.

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