Risked (The Missing)

Risked (The Missing)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1416989854

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jonah and Katherine journey to 1918 with the Romanov children in the sixth book of the New York Times bestselling The Missing series, which Kirkus Reviews calls “plenty of fun and great for history teachers as well.”

It’s a paradox: When Jonah and Katherine find themselves on a mission to return Alexei and Anastasia Romanov to history and then save them from the Russian Revolution, they are at a loss. Because in their own time, the bones of Alexei and Anastasia have been positively identified through DNA testing. What hope do they have of saving Alexis and Anastasia’s lives when the twenty-first century has proof of their deaths?

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work for you, too.” And you believed that? Jonah wanted to taunt him. How stupid are you? He bit his tongue, because he didn’t think he could say anything else to Gavin without sounding really mean. Daniella was squinting hard at Gavin. “I don’t get it,” she said. “Did Gary and Hodge want us here in 1918 or in the future? Why is 1918 the only choice on the Elucidator if they promised you the future?” She’s right, Jonah thought. Was it maybe that Gary and Hodge had wanted them back in 1918

sick to begin with. . . . It was kind of amazing he lived as long as he did, anyway.” “He had hemophilia,” Katherine said, sounding like such an expert. Which was ridiculous, because Jonah knew she hadn’t known that a moment ago. She was just reading from the computer screen. “Right,” Mom said. “And there wasn’t a cure for that back then, but there is now, right?” Katherine said. Jonah could tell she was trying to catch Jonah’s eye without Mom noticing. At least one of the other missing

wasn’t she popping up as quickly as Daniella had? She was still on the floor beside Chip. She had her hand stretched out, touching Chip’s face. “And see? This time I saved you,” she was murmuring. “Thank you,” Chip whispered back. Oh, no, Jonah Thought. Ugh, ugh, ugh. It looked like the two of them were about to kiss. Jonah did not need to watch his little sister kissing his best friend. Maybe that should make him my former best friend? he wondered disgustedly. Jonah didn’t want to see or

more exciting than bouncing a ball back and forth with Gavin. “Do you actually care about basketball?” Gavin asked, finally breaking the silence. “You’re trying out for your school team, right? Is that, like, important to you?” Jonah bounced the ball back and forth twice, considering this. “I don’t care care,” Jonah said. “I think I can make the team—I mean, after I heal. And that would be nice, but it’s not that big a deal. It’s just for fun. You win a basketball game, great. You lose, so

1918, but as of early 2007—even after nearly ninety years—there was still enough evidence missing that it seemed possible at least one Romanov might have survived that gruesome night. But our knowledge of history can change dramatically even without time travel. And even ninety years is not long enough to be sure that all the evidence is in. New discoveries in the summer of 2007 and new revelations in 2009 eliminated virtually all doubt about what really happened to the youngest Romanovs. Since

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