The Recipe for Success: What really successful people do and how you can do it too

The Recipe for Success: What really successful people do and how you can do it too

Blaire Palmer

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

If you've ever wondered what
makes some people seem to excel effortlessly at everything they do, business
coach Blaire Palmer explains all in The
Recipe for Success
. Profiling a
number of ‘serial succeeders' to capture the essentials of what makes them
stand out, it will help readers work out the combination of skills and talents
will help them reach their own goals.

Ideal for managers,
entrepreneurs and even large organisations who want to shake things up a bit, the
book uses an unusual cookery book style to explain the main ‘ingredients' -
such as stubbornness, magnetism and persistence - that go into creating success
at work, and then follows up with some ‘recipes' showing how a range of high
flyers have used them, in various combinations, to get excellent results.

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when they are on holiday, anything that will make them improve. They are interested in personal development, maybe not the way the majority of us would recognise, but they have people they speak to – peers, mentors, a long lunch with someone they respect – they don’t have the time for navel gazing but they want to keep on pushing the boundaries. Sharon Connolly, an image consultant and Enabler who advises influential executives on how to dress, believes that clothes have a powerful impact on

the gaps that are left by departed members. Some advisers, especially those from outside their organisation, may remain in their circle for many years, even decades. Others will gain valuable experience under their tutelage and then move on. Enabler Vicki Day, who provides PR services for retail professionals, says the most successful leaders encourage ambition, even if that means they lose their best people: Real entrepreneurs and leaders encourage other people to be entrepreneurs and leaders.

than only having theoretical knowledge. Being able to recite the recipe for a Victoria sponge is not the same as being able to make one. • Get feedback in order to judge how you are performing and which areas need more work. REFERENCES 1 Anders Ericsson, Karl, et al. The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 2 Anders Ericsson, Karl, Edward T. Cokely, and Michael J. Prietula. ‘The Making of an Expert’. p.116. Harvard Business

In addition to showing your personal commitment to those you work with there are other reasons why people’s taste for working long hours has increased since Sir John Harvey-Jones wrote his book Making It Happen in 1988. In 2005 there were 368 fewer corporate officer positions in Fortune 500 companies than there had been 10 years before, which means competition is that much greater. Add to this the influx of women into the workforce over the past 50 years, and there are even more people competing

largest language learning exchange). CAROLE BLAKE – STAR MAKER Carole Blake is one of the UK’s leading literary agents. She worked in publishing, combining rights selling and contracts, for 14 years before establishing the Carole Blake Literary Agency in 1977 which merged with Julian Friedmann’s agency in 1982 to become the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency. Carole has been President of the Association of Authors’ Agents, Chairman of the Society of Bookmen (then only the second woman to hold

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