Rebellion (Starbounders, Book 2)

Rebellion (Starbounders, Book 2)

Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson

Language: English

Pages: 115

ISBN: 2:00352066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Zachary Night and the Starbounders are back, in the sci-fi adventure series Pseudonymous Bosch calls "a great ride and a great read," from Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, authors of the Familiars series.

Zachary Night may have saved Earth, but back at Indigo 8, he's still just a Starbounder-in-training. And unlike his fellow trainees, who are having a blast gearing up for the annual Indigo Games, Zachary has more important things on his mind. He has yet to decipher the cryptic warning Professor Olari left him, and it looks like someone is trying to beat him to it.

When all the clues start pointing to a larger conspiracy, Zachary and his friends must once again leave Indigo 8 behind and take matters into their own hands. Their investigation will lead them through the far reaches of space, and it will test their friendship, too. And, oh yeah, did they mention the fate of the outerverse hangs in the balance?

With the "winning combination of action and humor" (SLJ, starred review) that earned The Familiars an Indie Next List Pick and eight state-award nominations, Starbounders: Rebellion catapults readers out of this world and onto a deep-space journey that's thrilling from beginning to end.

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metal craniums and started whipping them like dodgeballs at Commander Keel’s oncoming soldiers. It distracted them for a moment, long enough to allow the group to bolt out from the bazaar and take to the street. Skold’s internal compass had directed them well. In the distance, Zachary could see the giant golden obelisk the sledge was parked beside. “Out in the open we’ll never stand a chance to outrun them,” Ryic said. “Who said anything about running?” Kaylee replied. She was heading for the

on as a kid. It also gave him an idea. Back in the schoolyard, if someone was strong enough, he would be able to climb up the inside of the dome to the top. Maybe his porter could do the same. “Tendril one, two, and three. Grab the edge of the platform on the floor above.” The mechanical arms reached upward and snagged the metal guardrail. “Pull.” The porter lifted itself higher into the air and was now dangling precariously over the thousand-foot drop. “Tendrils four, five, six, and seven,”

Commander Keel. But now that he was here, he wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. “The talons haven’t reached the galactic fold yet,” Zachary replied. “I know the only way you can stop us is with my Binary impression,” Keel said. The gizalith commander pulled out two more geigernades and squeezed his fingers around them. “But you’re not going to get it.” Zachary opened a hole with his warp glove. As he stuck his arm through, another hole formed a few inches from Keel. Zachary reached through

started?” Before Kaylee was even out of surgery, Skold had had Zachary negotiate the outerverse pardon they had promised him, exonerating him from all his previous crimes. And Madsen was the IPDL official who had signed off on it. With his name cleared, Skold had been invited back to Indigo 8 as a visiting instructor to teach diplomatic protocol and hot-wiring abandoned starcraft (although that would be offered as an elective only). He had joined the rest of the base at the Indigo Games, but now

the nozzle at the door and gave the regulator a squeeze. A hissing blast of subzero air shot out, encasing the steel lock in a wintery cloud. Kaylee reharnessed the hose and Quee came forward, pulling a vibration hammer out of the aux-bot repair kit. She lifted it and took a forceful swing at the chilled padlock. Upon contact, the crystalized steel shattered, falling to the ground in countless pieces. Zachary gave a push and the door opened inward, revealing Olari’s darkened storage unit.

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