Pyramid: A Novel (Jack Howard)

Pyramid: A Novel (Jack Howard)

David Gibbins

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0345534727

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler and Dan Brown, Pyramid is a thrilling new adventure starring fearless marine archaeologist Jack Howard, in a heart-stopping quest to uncover an ancient Egyptian secret—and make the most amazing discovery of our time.
For thousands of years, Egypt was a rich, ingenious civilization. Then it became a fertile hunting ground for archaeologists and explorers. Now the streets of Cairo teem with violence as a political awakening shakes the region. In the face of overwhelming danger, Jack Howard and his team of marine archaeologists have gathered pieces of a fantastic puzzle. But putting it together may cost them their lives.
Howard has connected a mystery hidden inside a great pyramid to a fossilized discovery in the Red Sea and a 110-year-old handwritten report of a man who claims to have escaped a labyrinth beneath Cairo. For that his team is stalked by a brutal extremist organization that will destroy any treasure they find.
As people fight and die for their rights aboveground, Jack fights for a discovery that will shed an astounding new light on the greatest story ever told: Moses’s exodus from Egypt and the true beginnings of a new chapter in human history.
Praise for the novels of David Gibbins
“What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins.”Daily Mirror (U.K.), on Atlantis
“An exciting mix of fact and fiction, with shades of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones.”—York Evening Press, on Crusader Gold

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Jack turned away from the steps and stared down the tunnel. He finned forward, and out of the darkness his beam began to reflect off irregular rock, quickly revealed as a fallen jumble that blocked the tunnel. It had been their unspoken fear from the outset. Costas powered ahead, leaving Jack with the aquajet, and came to a halt at the top of the pile, where there was a visible crack between the rocks. Costas reached in his arms and pulled, dislodging a block and sliding it out under him. “Watch

this place first, right? Otherwise we might be rationing your very special sandwiches over a very long time, and looking for alternative food sources?” A little fish flapped out of the water where it lapped at the edge. Slimy looking and with bulging eyes, it was the only other living thing they had seen since leaving the Nile. Costas contemplated it with a distasteful look on his face, and then edged it back in with his foot. “I don’t like the sound of that at all,” he said. “Not at all.” “You

spoken to her before, had never even seen her except in Rebecca’s photograph, but in that split second she was all that mattered to him. His hearing came back, a hiss and then a roar that became yells and screams and gunshots, and he heard himself shouting at her. “We’ve come to get you out of here. Stay close behind me. Everyone else has to remain here until the building is clear. You tell them.” Sahirah turned and spoke quickly in Arabic, her voice shaky and hoarse, repeating herself more

eventually kill him. Jack had remembered the wooden Burundi face masks with their hooded eyes that he had seen in Sudan, ceremonial masks with a history that may have extended back thousands of years to the time when the pharaohs had tried to conquer the desert. It was there that Akhenaten had experienced his revelation of the Aten, had cast off his priestly role and pushed aside the old religion. Had the tribesmen seen his extraordinary features and created their masks in his image? Or had he

there. Beside them was James Macalister, a short, dapper man with a white beard, immaculate in his uniform with the braid of a captain on his shoulders. Space had been left for Jack between Costas and the project manager, and as he sat down Macalister leaned back and spoke to him. “We’ve done the background on the Beatrice and the sarcophagus, and run through the logistics. You’re just here for a quick meet and greet.” Jack nodded, and Macalister stood up, addressing the room. “All of you will

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