Protect Your Great Ideas for Free!: First Steps That Must Be Taken to Protect the Valuable Ideas Generated by Every Small Business Owner, Inventor, Author, and Artist

Protect Your Great Ideas for Free!: First Steps That Must Be Taken to Protect the Valuable Ideas Generated by Every Small Business Owner, Inventor, Author, and Artist

J. Nevin Shaffer Jr.

Language: English

Pages: 178

ISBN: 2:00083601

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Aimed at businesses that thrive on idea capital, this primer on intellectual property law spells out the easy and important steps to take to protect ideas such as brands, recipes, inventions, or artwork. In an increasingly competitive business world, companies live or die by the freshness and power of their ideas; protecting these works is not complicated and can cost nothing if entrepreneurs take action early, from realizing what intellectual capital their business might have to considering patents and licenses. The time and costs involved with each option are detailed, and the book explains all of the new choices and opportunities—as well as a few pitfalls—open to owners of protected ideas. For further study and action, there is a companion website accessible by a password provided in the book that offers sample legal agreements and links to other resources.

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while I don’t tell employers to take the non-compete agreement out of their employment contracts, I do tell them not to expect that they will be enforced as written. I also tell them to add a trade secret agreement to the contract if they really want some teeth in it. Why? Trade Secret Agreements = Stealing This is how it works. For employees you are thinking of hiring, you tell them that you will teach them all the tricks of the trade you know. You tell them that Free Protection for Your Great

............... 43 Research the Commercial Viability of Your Great Idea ........... 43 Three Free Folders ................................................................... 44 What Does a Big Company Really Mean When They Say, “Come Back When You Have a Patent?” ............................ 44 Do You Have to Do a Patent Search? ...................................... 45 Can You Do a Patent Search Yourself? .................................... 46 What If Your Exact Idea Shows Up in the Patent

have the goal of enabling our PINK PELICAN trademark to perform these necessary functions. General Trademark Use Rules 1. Always use our PINK PELICAN mark in text as an adjective, not as a noun or verb. Examples: Correct: PINK PELICAN flying hair dryers get you there fast and dry! Correct: All truly sophisticated people buy NIKE tennis shoes. Incorrect: Go out and buy NIKES. Incorrect: Be sure to XEROX it when you need a high-quality photocopy. 2. Always use the generic name for the goods along

you create is original, skip the search! There is a place to search copyright records, however, Appendix C: Doing Your Own Copyright Application 143 if you have a need to. (Figure C.7) And if you click the “Search Records” tab, you will be taken to a place to start a variety of searches of registered copyrighted materials. (Figure C.8) And now, good luck, so long, and thanks for all the fish! The End! Of this, anyway! Figure C.7. Copyright searches. Figure C.8. Start copyright searches

(NDA), 90, 91, 123–126 123–126 “standard deal” caution, 77 optimism meets Fear, Uncertainty, starting a new business, 78–80, 92 Doubt (FUD), 89–90, 91 “United States and Possibly the patent application, 92, 93 World” protection option, protection (free steps), 90–92 79–80 protection (maximum protection), 93 “United States Only” protection researching commercial viability of option, 78–79 your idea, 90 “World Domination” protection starting a new business, 78–80, 92 option, 80 witnesses for

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