Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

Mark Rodgers

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0814434177

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How do you get people to see things your way? Whether you're trying to secure a promotion, make a sale, or rally support for a new idea, the ability to persuade those around you is absolutely essential to success.

Merging research and real-world application, this insightful guide reveals what really drives decisions and introduces readers to the persuasion equation—a powerful combination of factors proven to speed agreement. Readers will discover the surprising reasons people say "yes" and learn how to:

Radiate an aura of expertise • Win trust and leverage credibility • Build a business case that appeals to both heart and mind • Adapt for personality, gender, and generational differences • Use language strategically • Perfect the five-step persuasion process • Generate group buy-in • Master organizational politics • And more

From crafting compelling emails to convincing a colleague to nailing the big presentation, Persuasion Equation is your personal recipe for success.

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presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon participated in the first-ever televised debate, Kennedy wore makeup, looking poised and confident. Nixon didn’t wear makeup, and he appeared sickly and sweaty on camera. Who won that election? On videoconference days, wear what looks good on a web cam, comb your hair, add appropriate lighting, check to make sure the background isn’t questionable, and by all means position the camera at a flattering angle. That up-the-nose shot doesn’t

human resources staff will always present alternate views and be the so-called odd man out.) Where others stand on an issue depends on the professional background they bring to the discussion and the impact that yes will have on their jobs, ranks, or careers. One of the weaknesses of group influence is that the task takes much longer because of such dynamics. You have to stay the course and, in some cases, outlast opponents who will eventually be transferred, promoted, retired, terminated, or

again like past success. Never fail to seek testimonials and referrals. Find ways to overcome “referral reluctance” and “referral deferral.” Choreograph, orchestrate, and set the stage to hear perpetual yes. CHAPTER   11    Your Persuasion Action Plan How to Get a 10,000:1 Return on Your Investment in This Book I know what you’re thinking: A 10,000:1 ROI is an outrageous claim! (After all, you read Chapter 4, so you’ve mastered ROI calculations.) Okay, since you brought it up, let’s do the

professional athletes, and celebrities all at one time or another believe someone will find out they aren’t as good as everybody thinks they are. In other words, they’re unable to internalize their success and accomplishments. This mental condition hinders talent and contributions. You, too, may have experienced the impostor syndrome. For instance, if you know you’re good at number crunching but walk around on eggshells as if someone’s about to play the ace, you’re experiencing the impostor

Lobel provides scientific evidence of how targets respond to common situations that, on the surface, appear insignificant: People drinking warm beverages such as coffee or tea are judged by their targets to be more generous, caring, and goodnatured than those enjoying such cold beverages as soda or iced coffee. The concept of “warm” and “cold” extends beyond the drink and transfers to the individual drinking it. That “warm/cold” mentality is at play in other facets of our lives, too. Take the

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