Peoplewatching : The Desmond Morris Guide to Body Language

Peoplewatching : The Desmond Morris Guide to Body Language

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0099429780

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shoulder. In England there is the popular faecal insult which involves pulling an imaginary lavatory chain while holding the nose with the other hand. A simpler version of this - holding the nose as if protecting oneself from a bad smell - is widely recognized as a strong insult. In Italy, the 'tirare-saliva' - throwing-the-saliva - gesture is a threatening insult in which the hand 'pulls' saliva from the mouth and throws it at the insulted person. Because of their basic nature, most of these

would make the archers useless in any future conflict. When the battle was over it was in fact the English that triumphed, and as the French prisoners where being led away in chains, the archers taunted them by holding up their bow-fingers to remind them that these all-important digits were still present. This is an appealing interpretation, but it cannot explain the obscene significance given to the insult-V today. It is the sexual significance that gives the modern V-sign its potency and this

faces of the supporters. If he is an old drinking companion, they will be smiling and joking and attempting to reduce the gap between their controlled behaviour and their friend's loss of control by converting 126 127 PEOPLEWATCHING TIE-SIGNS the episode from a serious into a playful one. If the drunk is a stranger, the faces will display far less humour, more concern, and possibly even unconcealed distaste. This difference is sometimes exploited by thriller writers in search of a plausible

involvement of the rest of the body. There are greeting pats, congratulatory pats, comforting pats, loving pats and plain friendly pats. Between adults, the action is often pseudo-parental in flavour, like the Body-guide. Children can be patted on almost any part of the body, but with adults the pat must be confined to the hand, arm, shoulder or back, if it is to be 'neutral' in character. Pats on the adult head, buttocks, thighs, or knees are either condescending or sexual. An interesting

study him critically. Fear is aroused, and his body automatically prepares itself for rapid fleeing. As he sits down in the guest's chair and starts to answer questions his body is still physiologically poised for flight, but he does his best to appear relaxed and comfortable. Despite his efforts the autonomic clues are still there. The most difficult to control is the breathing rate. Even if he is a professional actor and has learned to discipline his body actions extremely well, there will

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