Paris Sweets: Great Desserts From the City's Best Pastry Shops

Paris Sweets: Great Desserts From the City's Best Pastry Shops

Dorie Greenspan

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0767906810

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The prize-winning author of Baking with Julia (more than 350,000 copies sold), among other cookbook classics, celebrates the sweet life with recipes and lore from Paris's finest patisseries.

Like most lovers of pastry and Paris, Dorie Greenspan has always marveled at the jewel-like creations displayed in bakery windows throughout the City of Light. Now, in a charmingly illustrated tribute to the capital of sweets, Greenspan presents a splendid assortment of recipes from Paris’s foremost pastry chefs in a book that is as transporting to read as it is easy to use.

From classic recipes, some centuries old, to updated innovations, Paris Sweets provides a sumptuous guide to creating cookies, from the fabled madeleine to simple, ultra-buttery sables; tarts, from the famous Tatin, which began its life as an upside-down error, to a delightful strawberry tart embellished with homemade strawberry marshmallows; and a glorious range of cakes–lemon-drenched "weekend cake," fudge cake, and the show-stopping Opera. Paris Sweets brims with assorted temptations that even a novice can prepare, such as coffee éclairs, rum-soaked babas, and meringue puffs. Evocative portraits of the pastry shops and chefs, as well as information on authentic French ingredients, make this a truly comprehensive tour.

An elegant gift for Francophiles, armchair travelers, bakers of all skill levels, and certainly for oneself, Paris Sweets brings home a taste of enchantment.

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½ inch (1.5 cm) space between them. Allow the cookies to rest uncovered overnight at room temperature. Position the racks to divide the oven into thirds and preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Bake the cookies for 15 to 18 minutes, rotating the pans front to back and top to bottom midway, or until they have turned pale, almost white, on top and have formed a rough little foot at the base. Transfer the cookies to a rack and cool to room temperature. KEEPING: Because these cookies are crisp and

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the god of wine and the leader of a wild orgiastic religion. Beneath its prim exterior lies a cake so sensuous it could send a hedonist’s heart racing into overdrive. The cake’s most strictly Bacchusian component is a handful of golden raisins soaked in a copious amount of dark rum. It also has three moist, chewy almond and cocoa cake layers, thick cushions of a ganache that borders on being a mousse, and a polished veneer of dark chocolate glaze, the finishing touch that makes the cake look so

halves, and was spectacularly wonderful); it can be spread thinly across the bottom of a tart crust to add a flavorful cushion, waterproof shield, and extra layer of texture and taste; or it can be mixed with pastry cream to become a filling for a tart, cake, or galette, as it does in the Galette des Rois. Luckily for both French pastry chefs and us home bakers, almond cream is very quick and easy to make, especially if you use a food processor. In addition, the recipe can be multiplied (just

I don’t. I just go ahead and grind the almonds skin and all. No one has ever complained. Vanilla Pastry Cream / Crème Pâtissière à la Vanille Perfect pastry cream (and this cream is perfect) is smooth and satiny, firm enough to stand up as a layer in a tart or cake, and luxurious enough to tempt you to eat it by the spoonful. No matter what flavor pastry cream you want, it is always good to start with this vanilla cream. Vanilla rounds out the flavor of the cream and gets it ready for anything

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