On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership

On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership

Alison Levine

Language: English

Pages: 167


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


On the Edge is an engaging leadership manual that provides concrete insights garnered from various extreme environments ranging from Mt Everest to the South Pole. By reflecting on the lessons learned from her various expeditions, author Alison Levine makes the case that the leadership principles that apply in extreme adventure sport also apply in today's extreme business environments. Both settings require you to be able to make crucial decisions on the spot when the conditions around you are far from perfect. Your survival -and the survival of your team-depend on it. Featuring a Foreword from legendary Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski who knows all about leadership, On the Edge provides a framework to help people scale whatever big peaks they aspire to climb-be they literal or figurative-by offering practical, humorous, and often unorthodox advice about how to grow as a leader.

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what made that team of women so great. I always used to respond with, “I don’t know—there was just this magic chemistry among the five of us.” I would tell people that the women were all very easy to get along with, low-maintenance, appreciative of the opportunity, and incredibly considerate of one another and of the other folks involved with the expedition. I kept telling people, “I just got really lucky with the team.” It wasn’t until October 2012, more than ten years after the expedition,

smartphone market. But into their third decade, their market share was hovering somewhere between 2 and 7 percent. They failed to adapt to the shifting landscape in their industry. RIM came out with a new device in 2013, and as of this writing the jury is still out on whether they will make a comeback. (I‘m rooting for them, as I am a QWERTY keyboard fan.) But they’re learning the hard way that it’s a lot more difficult to regain market share than to keep it in the first place. They’ll have to

course, Mistake #3. Now I really couldn’t see anything. Eres was right there with me on the descent, but his headlamp wasn’t all that great (although it was better than no headlamp). I got down on my butt and scooted across many of the ridges, because I could not see where I was stepping and the route was so damn steep. I don’t think I have ever been so scared. Truly scared, to the point that I could barely breathe. I slammed my knees against rocks a couple of times, and eventually I smacked

(BS&L) at the United States Military Academy at West Point. West Point has been around since 1802; long considered one of the premier leader-development institutions, it’s known throughout the world for its commitment to institutional integrity and ethics. Its list of graduates (referred to as the Long Gray Line) includes US presidents, foreign heads of state, astronauts, and decorated military leaders. As an adjunct professor in General Kolditz’s department, I always made a point to sit in on

basically consuming itself and your brain cells are slowly dying. So you get your shot, you make it or you don’t, and then you head home. Disappointing to get that close and then not make it? Sure. But in my book, as long as you come back alive, with all of your fingers and toes, and as friends with your climbing partners—I consider that a damn successful trip. I worried about what Ford would think about our so-called failure and how it would reflect on them, but then I also thought about how it

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