Never Say Genius: The Genius Files, Book 2

Never Say Genius: The Genius Files, Book 2

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Thrills, spills, and cheating death are just part of an average day on a not-so-average summer vacation for these two smarty-pants siblings. Coke and Pepsi McDonald are still stuck on the wacky family road trip that began in Mission Unstoppable, and now a brand-new evil mastermind is trying to kill them!

Coke and Pepsi McDonald never asked to be geniuses. They never asked to get lowered into a basket of boiling french fries, either. And they certainly never asked to be frozen in soft-serve ice cream, stampeded in a wild stadium riot, or kidnapped on a high-speed roller coaster. But that's what happens when a red-haired villain named Archie Clone is chasing you across America. This just might be the most dangerous road trip in history - and the most awesome!

Want to join in the fun? Fire up the old Google Maps and follow the McDonald twins as they get chased from the National Mustard Museum to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And whatever you do - never say genius.

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them through binoculars from some distant point in the ballpark—or what that person might be planning. They were strangely quiet while eating hot dogs their father bought from a vendor. The Cardinals scored three runs in the fifth, and the mood of the crowd was turning sour. There’s nothing more dangerous than an angry Cubs fan. You would think that after a hundred years without winning a World Series, they would get used to losing ball games. But they never do. It was 6–2 at the end of the

Dr. McDonald. “Oh, we just decoded a secret message that had been burned into my hot dog bun,” Coke replied. “It said ‘Greensboro lunch counter.’” “Very funny,” Mrs. McDonald said. “You kids have such vivid imaginations.” Pep turned to a clean page in her notebook and started a list. • July 3, two P.M. • Greensboro lunch counter Go to Google Maps ( Click Get Directions. In the A box, type Toledo OH. In the B box, type Sandusky OH. Click Get Directions. “Maybe

dead body!” she shouted back. “Precisely!” Coke looked around for a weapon, a tool, anything he could use to get out of this situation. He wished he had his backpack, which was in the RV. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, as his hands were tied tightly behind his back. Suddenly, Coke remembered that he had one thing in his possession—the Pez dispenser in his back pocket. He struggled to wriggle his right hand around until he could reach it. The Pez dispenser wasn’t exactly a knife, but when he

(“World Authority on Ice Cream”), and Thorkeld “Tom” Knudsen (the developer of half-and-half). “This place is a snooze fest,” Coke whispered to his sister. “They don’t even have a cool gift shop,” Pep replied as she leafed through the only book for sale, A History of Dairy Marketing in America. The twins would not have been so snarky if they had any idea that they would soon be dropped into a vat of boiling oil. But as you well know, they were clueless. Thankfully, the McDonalds did not spend

Bones replied. “Our aunt is getting married on the Fourth of July,” Pep said. “We’re going to be there. What’s going to happen?” “We have reason to believe there’s going to be some kind of a robbery,” said Bones. “You mean somebody’s going to try to steal, like, the Declaration of Independence or something?” Coke asked. “It could be the Declaration, it could be the doorknob to the White House, or it could be the president’s dog,” Bones said. “It could be anything. We don’t know yet. There’s a

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